“Welcome to myLidl, your one-stop destination for all things Lidl! With our user-friendly app and website, you can browse our latest deals, plan your shopping list, and even save your favorite items for quick access. Explore our extensive range of fresh groceries, household essentials, and special offers, all at unbeatable prices. Keep track of your spending and receive personalized promotions tailored to your preferences. Plus, with our convenient store locator, you can easily find the nearest Lidl store to you. Join myLidl today and enjoy a seamless shopping experience tailored just for you.”

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- 1. 10% off fresh produce 2. Free bakery item 3. Buy one, get one free on select snacks

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myLidl Reviews

The app seems to be having problems today- it continues to crash, and it is not usable. To date, I have enjoyed the app. Looking forward to whatever is causing it to crash being repaired. TY. | Updated: Thank you for your prompt reply. Yesterday restarting my phone did not help, but, I didn't consider clearing my cache. TY for that additional idea. On a seemingly unrelated note, the application's working perfectly today. Not sure what was going on yesterday, but it seems to be resolved. Ty!

So-so app. Difficult to manage shopping lists, which need to be a home page button on its own. In it the ability to easily edit & delete are required in order for it to be of any use in the store. I have yet to see a shopper using their phone in store; most rely on good old fashioned paper. That said, even though I have to drive more than 45 minutes, passing Shop Rite, Acme, & Aldi, I prefer Lidl! The quality & prices are the BEST! PLEASE BUILD MORE STORES.

Again, I must say I love Lidl! Great store, great prices, great selections. May I ask for another modification to the app? When I view the ad through the app, it would be nice if I could add the item directly to my app grocery list if I take on the item. Right now the only way I can do this is if I look up the products on the "Product Lookup" selection. So what I have to do is look at the ad, make now if what I want to buy, then go back to the product lookup choice. It seems like too many steps.

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