Discover the ultimate one-stop shopping destination at M&S, where you can explore an extensive range of fashion, food, and homeware. Uncover the latest fashion trends and timeless classics, from stylish clothing to elegant accessories. Indulge in a delectable selection of gourmet foods and treats, including delectable snacks and fine dining options. Elevate your living space with high-quality homeware, from luxurious bedding to stylish furniture. With M&S, you can refine your personal style, satisfy your culinary cravings, and transform your home into a sanctuary of comfort and elegance.

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M&S – Fashion, Food & Homeware

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M&S – Fashion, Food & Homeware Reviews

Over several years of using this app for the sparks card, what does the loyalty scheme really offer... You don't collect points and it was advertised initially to track your purchases so they can send you relevant offers/vouchers. The vouchers that pop up on mine aren't ever relevant to what I normally buy, nothing worth making the effort to go into a store for, and barely even a discount on actual products you'd want. There's no tracking of any points system on the app. So what's the point!

This function has now been upgraded so when you swipe from an item you go back to your search. Thanks M&S! Oct 2022: Mostly really easy to use. A bit annoying that when you view an item and swipe left>right to go back to your search, it just takes you back to the home page and you have to search again. Actually it's very annoying! But other than that, really easy to choose sizes, order, arrange delivery, and I love that you can see whether items are in stock in your nearby stores.

Easy to use, large selections for each item so you'll not click on the wrong thing by accident. 'clean' presentation without busy fonts and distracting colours.Android swipe left to go back a page works every time. No glitches. Easy to select gift receipt at check out. Clear explanation of items with differing delivery dates and times. Straightforward to amend orders. Plenty of purchase options to select. Slightly slow when changing from delivery to store collection.

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