“Get ready to experience adrenaline-pumping action with MotorBike: Drag Racing Game! Rev up your engines and compete against the fastest riders in heart-stopping drag races. Customize your motorbike with high-performance parts and stunning visual upgrades to dominate the competition. Feel the roar of the engine and the thrill of speed as you push your bike to the limit on realistic tracks. Test your reflexes and skills in intense multiplayer races or challenge yourself in the career mode to become the ultimate drag racing champion. Download MotorBike: Drag Racing Game now and unleash the speed demon within!”

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- 1st place: $100 gift card, 2nd place: $50, 3rd place: $25

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- 1. +50 coins, Nitrous Boost, Helmet Upgrade, 2 Free Gas Refills

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MotorBike: Drag Racing Game

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CODEExpiration Date
OKG1WYFQMarch 20, 2024
6ATNCMG9BLFebruary 12, 2024
RH8NI6L9DFebruary 9, 2024
3VE8745PUXTFebruary 14, 2024
RANF3Z9S4XFebruary 14, 2024
RVKZ9OQEMarch 15, 2024
ZSDHMB2WQJMarch 30, 2024
ZP4CNY3VEMarch 15, 2024

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MotorBike: Drag Racing Game Review

I like the gameplay but there are SO MANY ADS! It tries to get you to watch one as soon as you start the game, forces you to watch one after every attempt at a level and has multiple ads in the levels themselves. Reduce the number of ads please, there are simply so many it makes it hard to enjoy the game.

It was ok, could be better with just little fix. I paid for the vip subscription but I am canceling it. For 3 reason, one i won mission 5, 4 times in a row and it freez each time, probably because I didn't win 1-4 arena ok I'll accept that. However, the online isn't real they are a computer, Same few racers every time. Most importantly when I try to invite my friend to race it just keeps loading and never load up. So, I won't be spending any more money on this game...

Never ever download this game! It's waste of time! Lot's of ads! This is not off line game it requires internet😂 making money😂 I try to download this as I saw some reviews are excellent but I uninstalled after I try to play once. So now I agreed of 90% reviews that this game is bad requires lot's of ads to watch to continue the game & of course you have to open your mobile data😂 if not, you can't play off line😂 don't waste your time this game is really making money. Sorry I to say this.

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