Get ready for adrenaline-pumping action with Monster Truck Xtreme Racing! Brace yourself as you witness the power and thrill that only a monster truck can deliver. Experience intense racing battles as you compete against other beastly vehicles on challenging tracks filled with jumps, obstacles, and insane stunts. Customize your monster truck, upgrading its performance and appearance to dominate the race. With realistic graphics and physics, this game takes monster truck racing to a whole new level. Are you ready to show off your driving skills and become the ultimate monster truck champion? Let the Xtreme racing begin!

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- 50 gold, 2 diamonds, 100 gems, 1 ruby, 1 turbocharger, 3 resource packs, 500 money, 1 legendary equipment.

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- 10,000 gold, 50 gems, $500, 100 diamonds, 200 wood, 3 epic equipment, 5 mystery items.

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v7ykrz92653November 19, 2023
zA2Nc7Cow4559September 26, 2023
rmFbhozjY590September 27, 2023
UkQtzqRla7w809November 17, 2023
DIVyumTfFb134November 10, 2023

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Monster Truck Xtreme Racing Tier List

Great game but needs work. The online events are easy and take too long for next events(days). When I can beat all 3 events in one sitting. The career is too short and easy. Beat every track 1st place and now I'm going for 1st in each vehicle. Got all the points to get bonuses, and it just reset instead of getting the final bonus. Bug Ugly unlocked, then next time was gone like my bonus. The mechanics of the game are great. But its kind of a waste of time since you can finish it in a weekend.

It starts off slow building up each vehicle used until you figure out what vehicle works best, it's time consuming but not all the lower vehicles can conquer all the tracks. The best part in that you can collect gold to unlock the better vehicles because the tracks get really challenging the higher you get, fun game. But I haven't figured out how to access the live game section yet as it appears it doesn't exist

The upgraded vehicles are worse than the original ones, boost only works half the time and random glitches. In one level I had the semi trailer fall on top of the car instead of into the hole. With the maxed out versions of the get vehicles and such they go slower than the original. Oh and there is only 1 map that gives enough gold to even make it possible to think about upgrading.

Well let's see if you want a game where the dynamics are so shot is like they didn't even pay attention when designing it that it frustrates the heck out of you.. or race on tracks that look like they were designed by 2 year olds. And you like to waste all the money and gold that you spent so long to make in upgrades just to have it run shittyer than it did. Than this is the retarded game for you.

Game is fun, but the van needs some improvement, the van stops when it goes to jump the barrels, the barrels are set up like a ramp, also van stops when at bottom of the hill when you have speed. I have never seen a vehicle forced to stop by a ramp. For this I only give 3 stars

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Dash, Challenge and Compete against your friends to HILL CLIMB RACE NEW UPDATE

Gear up for plenty of fantastic fun and accomplish challenges bringing in the opportunity to claim awesome Monster Trucks into your garage.

Get ready for amazing events as your thumbs twiddle for speed and action. Bug Fixes and Optimizations were done in the game for a smoother, effortless, and flawless gameplay experience. So, get on to the track, rev-up your ultimate Monster Truck, and dive into the fun.

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