Monster Truck Destruction™ is an adrenaline-fueled mobile game that puts you in control of massive trucks, ready to annihilate anything in their path. With realistic physics and stunning graphics, you’ll feel the power of these colossal machines as you crush cars, jump over obstacles, and compete in thrilling races. Customize your trucks with an assortment of parts and upgrades to make them even more unstoppable. Challenge your friends in multiplayer mode or conquer the single-player campaign to become the ultimate monster truck champion. Get ready to unleash chaos and destruction like never before in Monster Truck Destruction™.

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Love this game. Great physics and graphics good sound track. Now I do have two suggestions for the game wich im sure have already been ruled out and is never going to happen, but one custom trucks where it would cost like three million dollars and you could make it like you'd pick your body style and then base paint and you can put stickers and wording on there. Then two I think there should be multi player drag race . But other than that it's a great game keep up the good work.

Really good game it's just sometimes when you're trying to grind to get a truck the new updates have made it harder. When I played it last it had to wear it repaired automatically every time he didn't have to just click repair and I know it's like that on their other games or newer games. But I mean it's it's hard because then you need like 800 horsepower for certain things like I don't. I don't get that and also they made it to where every map just gives you 20,000 instead of 40,000 for some

This game is difficult but fun, however it will screw you over. Sometimes you can hit a jump correctly or get around a corner correctly but a red will still pop up and tell you to retry it. Or, you can get all the way to the end and even win the race but once the other truck gets to the end, there is a chance times will swap and then you will lose. Also there is way to many ads. However, this game does bring back childhood memories so I will still play it, even with the stupid bugs.

It's a really fun game, but right now it's unplayable becuase of the controls. Whatever controls I pick it's impossible to control the truck. I can get around in freestyle, but races are impossible. Make it better please. Edit: I've gotten more used to the controls. I'm using the button turning with the lowest sensitivity. It works fine. I wish the oversteer was a bit less sensitive, once you start turning it's really hard to get it going back strait. Also very hard to make a small turns.

It's okay, graphics are nice and I love the selection of trucks. Driving has an arcade feel to it. I find racing to be pretty fun, but freestyle isn't well designed. if you want to score points in it you'll need to just hit the same jump over and over so you don't lose your combo. The bots score insane points in freestyle so you can't have fun if you want to win. If it were more forgiving, it would be way better. Not much to do in the game either. Unlocking trucks is surprisingly easy.

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Real Monster Truck Racing, get off the asphalt and onto the dirt Minor bugs and crash fixes

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