“Monster Survivors” is an exhilarating PvP game where players must outwit and outmaneuver their opponents to emerge as the ultimate monster survivor. Set in a post-apocalyptic world, the game offers a thrilling combination of strategy, resource management, and intense combat. Players can choose from a variety of monstrous characters, each with unique abilities and play styles. As they navigate through the treacherous landscape, they must gather supplies, build defenses, and confront rival players. With stunning graphics and immersive gameplay, “Monster Survivors” delivers an adrenaline-packed experience that will keep players on the edge of their seats.

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- 1. Rare Weapon Crate - 100 coins 2. Mega Health Potion - 50 gems 3. Legendary Armor Set - 200 tokens

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- "Unlock 100 gold, 50 potions, 10 keys, and 5 shields!"

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Monster Survivors – PvP Game

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CODEExpiration Date
UAFB2XCKApril 25, 2024
9NKEJF67MQApril 9, 2024
67VZ1SMB4April 27, 2024
BAQHT9RV74JMarch 30, 2024
PNJD5YKV6EApril 12, 2024
7LQZ9XWGMarch 5, 2024
R31LGP6AIQApril 4, 2024
VAK3NXDLCMarch 15, 2024

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  • Step 2: Enter the code in the gift code box and press 'Confirm' to receive the reward.

Monster Survivors – PvP Game Review

Played season one and really enjoyed it. The gameplay is simple but has depth once you start going up the ranks. I purchased the battle pass which was reasonably priced. The game seems fairly original and is a nice blend of pvpve type gameplay. Games a quick and matchmaking has been working well.

Great game, I really like the characters design and it's super balanced and not p2win

Good gameplay but the game doesn't support the auto rotation to your phone

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