Modern Strike Online: PvP FPS is an action-packed, first-person shooter game that delivers fast-paced multiplayer battles. Engage in thrilling team-based combat with players from around the world, and showcase your skills in intense PvP matches. Choose from a variety of customizable weapons and equipment, including rifles, shotguns, and grenades, to dominate the battlefield. With stunning graphics and intuitive controls, Modern Strike Online offers an immersive gaming experience. Join the ever-growing community of FPS enthusiasts and prove your worth as the ultimate warrior in this adrenaline-fueled shooting game.

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- 50 gold, 100 gems, 2 rubies, 5,000 money, 3 diamonds, 1 rare weapon, 20 equipment upgrades, 200 resources, 10,000 gold, 500 money.

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- 1000 gold, 50 gems, $500, 10 diamonds, 200 resources, tactical scope, armor plate, health pack, grenades.

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GqBJzDna895November 7, 2023
bHGV39agCo447October 5, 2023
mIyqxa3kT727November 17, 2023
1KLpIzMvaAR146October 19, 2023
PhjMtVpLur760November 7, 2023

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I really liked the game at first but as you advance, you can't get very far without paying a lot of money to upgrade armour and guns. Of course you slowly build up armour and weapon points but it takes a very long time of playing the same game over and over again. To upgrade damage on a current gun takes 170 weapon points. It is impossible to beat other players at the same level who pay for advancements. And it is not cheap. $99.99 for a fake gun? I can't believe people actually pay that.

I used to love this game but it's gotten really bad lately. Seems like it's lagging a lot. I've got some of the most powerful guns in the game and even direct head shots do nothing. You just here the clicking sound it makes when you hit your target and keeps clicking really fast while the enemy you just shot loses very little health and drops you. Kinda disappointing when you do pay to play and still get smoked by people half your rank. Don't waste your time or money.

In my opinion this game is good, the only thing is it needs to be slowed down a little. When I began playing this game a couple of years ago you guys had it perfect, the speed was realistic and the gameplay was smooth. But now it's just a blur and almost becomes impossible to use scoped weapons because the speed is so great that the enemy is on you before you can sight them. Other than that it's a cool game.

Obviously it's not perfect, the gameplay suffers from a pay-to-win system, like with most mobile games. However, the game overall feels pretty free flowing, like how you can just hop in a match and rack up some kills, and no one seems to really care if they do really well as long as they don't do really bad. My point is that there's not alot of pressure to be "the best" player in the match, just shoot some enemies, and have fun. Also graphics are good, controls are easy, top 5 mobile fps game.

Pretty fun. It's not very fast paced. It does require the internet. I had Modern Combat 5 before this. That game kept freezing up and crashing through. This is a fun shooting game. It is a bit challenging without being too hard. There are different game modes. You simply have to get to level 10 I believe to unlock most of them. Stuff is not too expensive.

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Online PvP action multiplayer shooting gun game with exciting battles. Join now! New Season 27: Overlord
- New weapons: STEN, Kar98 M23, RPD, MG-3 KWS, HCAR, The Beast of Gévaudan
- New character: Jacqueline
- New Combat Skill: Unmanned Tank
- New Season Lottery: get the Conquistador Armor pieces, MG-3 KWS, and HCAR!

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