Mobile Passport Control is an innovative app that allows U.S. citizens and Canadian visitors to streamline their customs process at participating airports and cruise ports. With the app, travelers can create a profile, answer a few questions, and skip the traditional customs line upon arrival. This efficient process reduces wait times and provides a hassle-free experience for users. The Mobile Passport Control app is available for free on both the App Store and Google Play, making it a convenient and reliable tool for frequent travelers. It is an ideal solution for individuals seeking a fast and efficient entry process into the United States.

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Mobile Passport Control

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Mobile Passport Control Reviews

I used this app when coming back into the country from London through DFW airport. I was ushered through the same line as every other traveler and when I asked about using the app I was told there is no difference, "same line". When I reached the agent I presented the QR code from the app and I was told "The app is junk, our system works better". The app itself is very easy to use, but did me no good at all.

1* because I couldn't get past the "what port of entry" stage because it thinks Newark only has terminals B & C. I'm flying into A. Then I read a bunch of reviews and based on reading it's glitchy and not even accepted in most airports, I probably saved myself some time, so 2nd * for that. Oh and bonus: the app isn't showing up in my app list, so I can't add a shortcut to my home screen.

Fast little app that helps to skip the line at many airports and ports, and the FAQ and tutorials are very helpful. Desperately needs more language options and better streamlining at the actual border control points, staff are not all well-trained in what to do with it or promoting the app. TSA deserves a 1-star rating but this app is solid.

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