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Last update September 21, 2023

Mini Metro is a minimalist strategy game where players design subway networks for rapidly growing cities. With simple and elegant graphics, the game challenges players to efficiently connect different stations to meet the demands of commuters. As the city expands, new stations are added and players must adapt their network to keep up with the increasing population. Mini Metro offers a variety of maps based on real cities worldwide, providing a unique and engaging experience every time. Can you build the most efficient metro system and keep the city moving?

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- 10 Resources, 5 Items, 100 Gold, 3 Gems, $50, 2 Diamonds, 1 Ruby, 1 Equipment, 20 Gold, 5 Resources, 2 Items.

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- 200 gold, 50 gems, $1000, 10 diamonds, 500 resources, epic sword, health potion, magic ring, mystery box

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OufHI9aD702November 5, 2023
uCyr0SFjsU685October 26, 2023
1j2Qp4uEK283September 27, 2023
knwac31oNVM633November 12, 2023
OZDnewJbjK163October 3, 2023

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Mini Metro Tier List

If you like mini motorways you will probably enjoy this. However I have to deduct two stars for two reasons. First is poor controls - it is very common to try to grab a line to extend it and end up moving a train. Secondly is a glitch where an empty tram will pass by a full station. These are both really frustrating because it isn't your design that causes you to lose, it's poor game design. Without those issues it'd be a 4-4.5 imo

I'm more of a transport nerd than a gamer, so this is the first game I've played in years. I really love the concept, but I'd play it more if it was more realistic (you can't move rail corridors in real life, but you can control where stations are built), and I wish it left time to strategise, and made summary statistics available, instead of it being a race against the clock and having to eyeball it.

This game is amazing. Simple concept, easy graphics, and yet it has complicated enough strategy to be really challenging right off the bat! I'd love to see some improvements like indicating which cities you've already passed the challenges on without needing to open the separate page per city, or being able to turn challenges on and off and on again within the same level (London and Berlin are KILLING me) but that's minor aesthetics around a really well designed game.

This game is amazing in every way. I like how you need to use strategy in this game, or else you get a game over. The controls are fairly simple, so I don't mind it. I also like how you added adaptive music to the game because whenever you place a new line or anything happens, there will be more musical notes playing each time that event plays out, which I really like! I hope you add more updates over the following year, and I hope to see more creations from you guys!

Best $1 I've spent in years. It's intuitive and easy to learn, but it's deceptively tricky! I've got a lot of respect for traffic engineers now. Normal mode is fun, Endless is just as engaging without all the stress, and Extreme is challenging and requires a lot of planning! I'm trying to unlock Extreme on all the levels and it's really something. Seriously, it is the best $1 I've spent in a long time: no ads, no gimmicky points, no social aspect; works offline and is just lovely.

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Design a subway map for a growing city. Happy Birthday to us! To celebrate our ten-year Miniversary, here’s one of our biggest updates yet! This update includes:

• Three brand-new maps!
• An all-new photo mode!
• A much-loved feature from Mini Motorways comes to Mini Metro in the form of a new way to capture GIFs.

Thank you so much for being part of our last ten years and for helping us bring Mini Metro to so many people. We hope to see you around for the next ten years of Mini adventures!

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