Mindustry is a captivating game that combines elements of tower defense and resource management to create a unique gaming experience. With its sleek design and intuitive controls, players can easily dive into the world of industry and production. As you progress through the game, you’ll need to strategize and defend your core against waves of enemy attacks. With a variety of upgrades, technologies, and customizations available, Mindustry offers endless possibilities for players to explore and create. Get ready to construct your empire and dominate the world of Mindustry.

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- Gold: 1000, Gems: 50, Money: 5000, Equipment: 2, Diamonds: 10, Rubies: 20, Resources: 1000, Items: 100, Equipment: 5, Gold: 2000.

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- 10 gold, 5 gems, 100 money, 3 diamonds, 50 resources, 2 equipment, 20 items.

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e1Q7UzEL762November 15, 2023
EHBTSaKwdX887November 2, 2023
JmRPMHBYh610October 5, 2023
ahRE03H6SsL690October 26, 2023
7AYPra90tj407November 3, 2023

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Mindustry Tier List

Fun for fans of resource management games. I can't believe it's free, and no ads!? There are FAR worse games out there that jam ads in your face every 15 seconds just because they can, or worse yet require an upfront purchase for a subpar game. You can play the whole game offline, there's loads of content, there's a multiplayer mode (admittedly, I've never tested that). This is just a plain good game that seems to ask for nothing in return. A real must-play.

AMAZING graphics and art style. Solid, challenging gameplay. The controls are tricky to get a hang of at first, as there is no tutorial, but they are pretty intuitive. Strategy does matter and enough mistakes can cost you. But you don't lose everything; you can repair your base from the previous round (about 30% of your builds get demolished when you lose, yet it shows a phantom of the previous layout)

One of the best mobile games out there. No ads, no in-app purchases, just good intricate fun. Though it is NOT for everyone. There are frustrating moments where you will lose hard fought battles, but the game is never outright unfair. My advice? Never rest; If you can, then expand/upgrade your production and defenses because the difficulty climbs fast. Also, destroy enemy bases before they overrun other tiles, you CAN take resources with you into new bases, and never assume time is on your side.

THIS is what mobile games should look like - ad free, built-in mod support, and no microtransactions. It's not online-only, casual yet challenging, with a great modding community, and an official Discord that you don't have to go on a treasure hunt for. The logistics of conveyors is a bit complex, but if you put enough time into it, they're surprisingly easy to learn. And, as I said, there's no microtransactions - No skins, no premium currency, nothing.

Mindustry is an incredible free mobile game. I've had a lot of fun building towers to fight waves of well-animated enemies. The controls are pleasant, with no pesky joysticks getting in the way, and they feel fluid. This is unlike any tower defense game I've played or seen.... Instead of spamming towers in preset spaces along a fixed path, enemies try to find weaknesses in your barriers. Did I mention how you can create factories to build the exact same units the enemy uses? I would buy this.

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An open-ended factory management game with RTS and tower defense elements. - Fixed Mono units not mining

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