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- "10% off milk, free yogurt, $5 off cheese. Enjoy!"

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- 1. Free gallon of milk 2. 10% off yogurt 3. Buy one get one free eggs

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How to redeem Milk & More codes?

To redeem a coupon for Milk & More, present it at checkout at the website or app. Enjoy discounts on milk and other dairy products.

Milk & More Coupon reviews

Unreliable : unusable So many usability design faults and functional faults. Aside from using the website, here is one tip if you're fighting with both: you cannot increase a regular item for a single day, you must go through the 'shop' to add the same item into your basket. If a representative from Milk&More would like to direct message me I can itemise the issues.

Prior to the latest update I had no problems and the app worked really well, but this new version is not as good, very unclear what's updated or changed with your order and I end up checking the website and have to look out for confirmation emails as it often just shows a swirling circle after any changes you make and you're never sure what's going on. Love milk & more though!

Needs work. When you try and update the quantity of the item in the basket the number does not update, but when you refresh by going somewhere else it reads different. There is no easy way to order milk or your regular order, you have to go throt the categories to find items and add. The app is not designed for family use, it only allows one user. When there has been a failed delivery on the past an email gets sent, not helpful if that person is not around. They could do push notifications.

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