“War of Tanks: World Thunder” is an exhilarating online multiplayer game that puts players in control of powerful tanks from different eras. With realistic graphics and immersive gameplay, participants are transported to the the battlefield, where they can engage in intense tank warfare against other players from around the world. As they progress, they can upgrade their tanks, unlock new features, and collaborate with teammates to achieve victory. The game’s attention to historical accuracy and strategic gameplay makes it a must-play for fans of military simulations and action-packed combat experiences. Are you ready to command your tank and dominate the battlefield?

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- "Congratulations! 100 gold, 50 diamonds, and 200 silver coins."

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- 1. 1000 Gold, 5 Silver Crates, 10 Fuel, 3 XP Boosts

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War of Tanks: World Thunder

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XQOH7AJ8April 12, 2024
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PSRB12Z3HApril 2, 2024
KGXT0P4JBYCApril 6, 2024
JAXDICK28SApril 9, 2024
8GHKC5JEMarch 28, 2024
PAT1RFMHBJApril 5, 2024
QU5FSZ273March 17, 2024

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War of Tanks: World Thunder Review

The game is very fun and good for enjoying the battle field. But issue rise on data loss of achievement because when you logout and come again another time you fimd no gold left and penalty of which you don't supposed to pay. It says because of bad end the battle while i wasnt having any of it on progress... But Is Good and enjoyable with a lot experience and large community....

Devs I'm speechless this game is so great. It's better than warthunder mobile and world of tank blitz. Almost all potato phone can handle your game smoothly. I'm using Redmi 9C and has no lag with the game. Also all your bundle sale are affordable. The graphics are very realistic and awesome. Devs are amazing and did a very good job. Gameplay: 100/100 Graphics: 100/100 Tanks: 100/100 In-game purchases: 100/100 This game War of Tanks is perfect and I love it 😍🥰 (WM and Wotb are garbage💩🤮)

Gameplay good BUT game always keeps disconnecting from server(hanging up) plus due to losing all gold earned. Please update and if possible return my gold due to errors from game. Uninstalling this corrupt game.

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