MicroTown.io – My Little Town is an interactive online game that allows players to build and manage their own virtual town. From constructing buildings and roads to providing services for the residents, players have complete control over every aspect of their town. With detailed graphics and a user-friendly interface, MicroTown.io provides a realistic and engaging experience. The game also includes social features, allowing players to connect with friends and visit each other’s towns. Join MicroTown.io today and create your very own bustling and thriving virtual town!

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Fun game that's actually like all those ads. However, loaded w/predatory advertising! Ads for boosters/bonuses, I understand, fine. But they have a permanent ad on screen, w/forced ads every few minutes and required-for-progress ads. They ask people to watch for boosters, then FORCE more ads 3 seconds later. And 60 SECOND ADS!? After I paid for the Ad remover, they changed what's "included" - ATM bonuses are now locked unless you opt back in for ads. Lost ad revenue isn't my problem, I paid you.

You are able to play the game online and offline I prefer offline because it does not give you ads but it is a really good game it does not really look promising but im estonished on how good the game actually is but one thing that I think that should change is the money because you earn very little money and the stuff for when you move on is very expensive but it is good if you have patience lol

With improve ment this game can be better. There is actually no tutorials to start with but it's easy to learn or figure it out, I auto collect a lot of extra stuff that I end up having to go across the game (in game field ) to throw it away. I don't see the point after the grade ups but it's okay

Stay Away from this game. Forced Ads every minute or two of gameplay. Plus many optional ads for 5 or 10 min game perks. I'd be okay if it didn't force the ads on me also there is a constant running ad at the bottom of the game screen, absolutely the worse game of the year congratulations to the developers for showing others what not to do!

An ad 10s into STARTING the game is a huge turn off and gives a sense of how the rest of the game is going to be littered with interruptions. I have never uninstalled a game so quickly.

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Mini town, big business! Fun, addicting & casual farming & shop management game! What's New:
It’s time to open your own MicroTown!
- Multiple new store for you to unlock!
- Upgrade your stores, employees, and yourself to make money faster.
- Travel between stores via the Town Map!
- Dozens of hats for you to collect and wear!
- It’s time to sell! Collect money to buy and grow.
- Fast or slow, play the game at your pace!

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