Metal Fire is a heavy metal band that has recently released their latest album, Space Invader. This album is a perfect blend of hard-hitting riffs, shredding guitar solos, and powerful vocals. The songs on Space Invader take the listeners on a journey through space, with lyrics that explore themes of alien encounters, intergalactic battles, and the strength of the human spirit. Metal Fire’s unique sound and catchy melodies make Space Invader a must-listen for any fan of metal music. The album is available now on all major streaming platforms.

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- 5 gold, 2 gems, 1000 money, 10 diamonds, 3 rubies, 1 powerful weapon, 50 resources, 10 equipment, 5 magic spells, 1 spaceship upgrade.

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- 500 gold, 100 gems, $50, 20 diamonds, 200 resources, powerful weapon, health potion, rare artifact, energy boost, shield upgrade, ammunition pack, teleportation device, speed booster, defensive armor, healing herbs.

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4Qhfckw5271September 15, 2023
EPKXF6GMfL778October 5, 2023
1k7izlhpH319September 27, 2023
OlgyqEXDzYL195September 15, 2023
WXBjzYTQql421September 26, 2023

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Love everything about this game...almost everything. Pros: great graphics , smooth game play, very responsive uncomplicated controls, fun to play. Cons: ads,ads,ads,....oh and did I mention the ads? I totally understand the need for ads in mobile games but I should never feel like i am watching more ads than actually playing the game ( and ads should never be during a run) . I hope that roll them back at some point but until then I will be playing this.

This game is literally a blast to play. You have power ups with the weapons and great graphics and game play. This is basically a Side scrolling game. There's an option to watch a ad to try another player in the game. I didn't get far because a spin for weapon upgrades popped up. The problem with that was it would not return to the game. It stayed in the spin the wheel part. So, I deleted the game.

I m going to uninstall this after plating just for 2 minutes because the amount of forced ads are ginormous, don't waste your data and time on this garbage it's just an adware. Totally disappointed 😞

DO NOT EVEN WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THIS GAME!!! 15 seconds of game play and 5 minutes of sure hell ads if you don't pay to remove them. .. .. .. This game is pro pay to play. Not free to play friendly at all with mad ads and 15 seconds of gaming. Should be zero stars but know Google. Sigh.

Very advert heavy. Most ads are "voluntary" in the regards you watch them for rewards, but the third boss literally has "watch ad to attack" as the way to enc the level. Artwork and animation are okay, the advert for "Metal Fire Space Invader" depicted a multilayer sideways dungeon crawl, so you've got more FAKE GAMEPLAY VIDS to add into the pile. It's basically a reskinned adfarm game, with a touch more politeness. It's also a sideview shooter game.

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