Merge Muscle Car is an exciting game that allows you to combine different car models to create the ultimate muscle car. With a wide range of cars available, you can merge and upgrade them to enhance their performance and appearance. Collect coins and gems to unlock more powerful cars and customize them with cool paint jobs and decals. Take on challenging racing tracks and compete against other players in real-time multiplayer mode. Experience the thrill of creating your own unique muscle car in Merge Muscle Car: Cars Merger!

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Q9ijrGy1848December 14, 2023
K4W3ef2lQR697December 8, 2023
tnroFg5qP710December 1, 2023
Y6bzvFaMUNl502December 23, 2023
FrWI7yXj4z450December 20, 2023

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Merge Muscle Car: Cars Merger Tier List

Too many ads pls remove them it makes the game worse.🙏🙏🙏

Very good for road trips and when ur bored

Good game, but it only crashed one time.

Good potential, the gameplay is satisfying but this is all ultimately crippled by forced ads. Sometimes I tap the x2 button, but other times I choose to skip it, and when I do, I get a 30 second forced ad I have to sit through. After the 2nd forced ad in less then 30 seconds of gameplay, I uninstalled. Lose the forced ads, or lose more players.

Cool game, but starts you off with full spots, so you can't get more cars, so you can't play... (edit) yes, it worked, and I'm already at number 9, so, uh yeah. It works. Otherwise Great. Own a muscle car myself, so to see it in here is cool. Also, that's was a quick response dev! Do you sleep?

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Merge Classic American dream cars and enjoy tap idle tycoon simulator game. Minor bugfixes

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