is your go-to for all your food delivery needs. With a wide range of cuisines and dishes to choose from, we have something to satisfy everyone’s taste buds. Whether you’re craving a juicy burger, a fragrant curry, or a fresh salad, we’ve got you covered. Our easy-to-use website and app make ordering a breeze, and our reliable delivery service ensures that your food arrives hot and delicious. Don’t wait any longer, visit and have your favorite meals delivered straight to your door.

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I had a good experience with menu for the most part. You can always expect a 1 hour delivery time no matter how close you live to the restaurant, menu will not get there any faster. I have used the app for more than a year now and suddenly they will not take any of my card payments. I even contacted my bank, and my bank said it's an issue with menu. I told menu this and they refused to make any effort to help me or fix the problem. Now I'm forced to Uninstall the app and switch to Glovo.

It's so hard to describe how hard this application and company fails at everything they need to be good at. The application itself is one of the worst I have ever seen. Absolutely terrible UI/UX, riddled with bugs and, at times, non-functional. The customer service is virtually non-existent. And the food is always late! There is a reason why everyone I have met picks his restaurant and food from website, and then calls the restaurant directly to not have to deal with

to avoid for your own sake. often buggy; deliveries are always late; operators are helpless. Had more than 50 deliveries, never had one on time. never able to organize a pleasant meal. by far the worst food delivery app I've ever tried.

User experience is quite poor 1. The app forces you to select address in order to proceed which is ridiculous 2. When you try ro change your address it empties your cart 3. You can't manually enter your address if it is not recorded on their map, so you have to choose the map and select the wrong address in the neighbourhood 4. The app is slow 5. No scroll bar in the menus (which is especially handy when the list is long) 6. Bad and tasteless site design 7. Support phone is always busy

Update: Used it for years, now got told, that beyond 6km nothing will be delivered. Places I was ordering for years are now almost all "Out of Zone". And answer of support was oh now you can't, there were updates. Well, very nice updates, huge thanks. Great service, but long delivery times of up to 2hrs. I do think that depends on traffic at the time of the order. and more Delivery Coupon Codes and more Delivery Wiki

Delivery of BBQ, pizza, sushi, burgers, as well as drinks, desserts and flowers. [added] Promo code functionality
[revised] Checkout screen design and functionality (partially, stay tuned)

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