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To redeem a MensaMax coupon, visit their website, select desired items, proceed to checkout, and enter the coupon code provided to avail the discount.

MensaMax Coupon reviews

It was barely usable, and it feels like it's just the website converted into an APK with some random online tool. Now, the login doesn't even work in the app anymore (it does on the website).

No overview provided for: price per meal, ingredients per meal, in a week. Need to navigate a lot to get any overview. Very bad visualization, and tedious interaction. No information about possible allergies for a meal You could use legends: as chicken, vegan... Best

Would be nice to have dark mode support, since this is available in almost all apps. And on my phone the app isn't in english, but in german. It's not a big deal because i live in Germany, but my phone language is set to english, so i don't see why the app is in german.

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