MensaMax is a powerful platform designed for the educational needs of gifted and talented students. With a range of customizable features, MensaMax offers schools and educators an efficient way to track and manage student data, assignments, and progress. This comprehensive system allows for seamless communication between teachers, parents, and students. From gradebook management to personalized learning plans, MensaMax ensures that every student receives the support and resources they need to excel. With MensaMax, schools can unlock the full potential of their gifted students and nurture their intellectual growth.

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No overview provided for: price per meal, ingredients per meal, in a week. Need to navigate a lot to get any overview. Very bad visualization, and tedious interaction. No information about possible allergies for a meal You could use legends: as chicken, vegan... Best

We need the option to use multiple logins. Those with 2 or more kids, will have to logout and login each time, which is very irritating. Also we need possibility to take a report for period to see how much was spent. It was all there in previous app.

Would be nice to have dark mode support, since this is available in almost all apps. And on my phone the app isn't in english, but in german. It's not a big deal because i live in Germany, but my phone language is set to english, so i don't see why the app is in german.

Please provide support for multiple accounts. This is a much needed feature for parents who have multiple school going children.

I can't login anymore. It says it can't reach the server.

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