Memes Wars Gift Codes [2024 July]

Last update June 24, 2024

Meme Wars is a popular multiplayer online game where players battle using memes as weapons. To enhance your gaming experience, players can redeem special codes for exclusive in-game rewards and bonuses. These codes are often shared on the game’s social media accounts or through special events. By entering these codes, players can unlock rare memes, powerful weapons, and unique customization options. Keeping an eye out for new codes is essential for staying ahead in the meme warfare and dominating the battlefield. Join the meme wars and start collecting codes to gain the upper hand!

New valid Memes Wars Code

Code is hidden Get

- Gain 50 diamonds, 100 gold coins, and a rare weapon.

Code is hidden Get

- 1. Gain 50 rare memes, +20 LOL points, 3 ammo packs. 2. Unlock hidden joke, 75 dank memes, +10 stamina boost. 3. Receive legendary meme shield, +30 meme shards, crate key. 4. Celebrate victory with 100 GIFs, +50 internet fame points.

Secret rewards Get

Memes Wars

List of Memes Wars Codes

M3KSJOY0GE Diamond x9426, VIP Points x1597, Food x29 (Expires on July 9, 2024)
7CVMJS3GW Chest x6453, Resources x92, EXP x615 (Expires on July 6, 2024)
Y0ILQB52NF3T Wood x254, Diamonds x19384, Cash x8127 (Expires on August 2, 2024)
7BLZOYFS1H Free Boosts x57, Summon Scrolls x6539, Diamond x2419 (Expires on August 1, 2024)
80YL2W1XU Food x546, Gems x8179, Iron x49678 (Expires on July 18, 2024)
I98DY57QEPL Cash x429, Speed Up x735 (Expires on August 16, 2024)
0YDH5CLTGQE Speed Up x43652, Energy x8673 (Expires on July 18, 2024)
6K413O9Q2T5 Rubies x28, Speed Up x871, Food x43 (Expires on July 1, 2024)
60SEHXJIRO Hero EXP x43, Gems x2485, Resources x5439 (Expires on July 2, 2024)
8GRIJNWAO Hero EXP x931, Coins x491, Timber x6918 (Expires on July 20, 2024)
9GYLUPEN Timber x4876, Cash x3597, Wood x21 (Expires on August 2, 2024)
IX3S01CP Coins x546, Timber x47186, Stone x94 (Expires on July 15, 2024)

How to redeem Memes Wars codes?

To redeem a code for Memes Wars, open the game, navigate to the settings or store section, enter the code, and claim your rewards or items.

Memes Wars Codes review

Great game but there is one(1) problem(s). The problem is there is too many ads, plz make it ad-free even tho it supports the game or even lower the chance of having in the middle and the end of a fight an ad like Merge Snake (always) and etc. (seldom). Actually, the ads are annoying. It ruins my game when I try to defeat my opponent. Plz stop making ads pop up randomly. I will appreciate it, Thanks and have fun! πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘

I really like this game so much but the tank and other cars turret dosen't even turn or aim and I don't like how the characters hold the guns, so please fix it and add in more guns, cars, planse and monster bosses spawn in the zombie map when you kill enough minions plus the maps should be bigger with more buildings that are open to enter. Please πŸ™Œ, Also add in a Pacific Rim suvival mode where we can work together to kill a Kijua (forgive my spelling) and gets harder, faster and stronger. πŸ™Œ ❀

Thanks for this Awesome Game! I did find some big glitches though and others not so important. Check them out on my channel! Please... (= My favorite glitch so far is the go through floors and walls with a vehicle! ... Over all, Great Game, Thanks for adding the zombies back! I just miss the T Posing Zombie, though. He was awesome. (=

Β  Β 
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