Mech Arena: Robot Showdown is a dynamic action game with shooter elements in which you take control of a huge fighting machine. Participate in fast-paced 5-minute battles with other players in a giant arena and surpass all rivals. A wide selection of furs of different classes is available to you: from small, but nimble and agile, to real clumsy monsters. Choose the right mech and find your fighting style. Gather a whole collection of steel machines and upgrade them: equip them with new armor, weapons and special modules. Don’t forget about boosters for lightning attack and fast retreat, as well as energy shields. Build the ultimate destruction machine and have an amazing gaming experience. Team up with other participants to win matches and get valuable prizes.

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Codes Expiration Date Total
RXoV1EArpat December 26, 2022 162
KEQUSWZhPdvy January 5, 2023 902
eCyg9moNW2 November 30, 2022 684
OIEUGPpiVlM December 15, 2022 383
ecMTQ7iYUDC November 22, 2022 802

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  • Step 1: Click on 'Avatar' => 'Settings' => 'Gift Code'.
  • Step 2: Enter the code in the gift code' box and press 'Confirm' to receive the reward.
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Awesome game, there are just a few problems. 1. You can't cancel finding a match once you've picked a game mode. 2. It seems like everything higher up (that seems to be a better thing to get) is quite costly, e.g. Pulse Cannons (the ones that hold 90 rounds in a magazine) they start at 300,000 credits, which is a lot for players who aren't interested in spending money (that they don't have).

It's a pretty fun game, on that end I don't have complaints as early in as I am. However I do not think I will continue playing if I have to click through 11 pop up sale notifications on launch. Very good potential, but far too annoying with pop-ups to spend real money Edit: something like a sales page pop up showing all in one window, or one window with multiple pages could help. Or even just a setting for them to not pop up for those who don't want it

I was previously very unhappy with the touchscreen movement joystick, but it seems as though they have made some improvements. But the worst part of this game is that it begs for money. For grinders out there, that's quite annoying, because it's super hard to progress without buying anything, given there's not a way to stack video ads to gain stuff..........but I'm extremely happy to say that they have added ads to this game for grinding, but very very very limited. Overall great game!!!

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Update 2.17 is here. We have fixed numerous bugs in this version.

We've also prepared an amazing new Event that will drop soon with a bunch of fresh goodies:

- Two Pilots. One specializes in a brand new Weapon Type and the other has 2 Innate Skills.
- New Weapons. Overwhelm your rivals with this new Weapon Type.
- New Mech. This Attacker has a unique Ability that can transform matches.
- New Map. Try out a revamped version of a popular Map.

Name Mech Arena: Robot Showdown
Version 2.17.00
Price FREE
Rating 4.3 (356899 ratings)
Category Codes
Update November 17, 2022
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