Pechka is an exciting story adventure game where players embark on a thrilling journey filled with challenges and puzzles to solve. In order to progress through the game and unlock new levels, players may need special codes. These codes can provide access to hidden areas, unlock powerful weapons, or reveal secret passages. By using strategic thinking and problem-solving skills, players can uncover these codes and enhance their gaming experience. With each code discovered, the story of Pechka unfolds, immersing players in a rich and immersive world full of mystery and intrigue.

New valid Pechka – Story Adventure Game Code

Code is hidden Get

- 3 gifts: 100 coins, magic potion, golden sword of power.

Code is hidden Get

- Congrats! You've received: 50 coins, 10 gems, 2 elixirs, 1 magic key.

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Pechka – Story Adventure Game

List of Pechka – Story Adventure Game Codes

CODEExpiration Date
6OW43P97May 26, 2024
3MA6GJHQU0July 6, 2024
SPN7X5F0EJune 29, 2024
GYNU071JM2QJune 28, 2024
0GM6BVASCDJune 30, 2024
ZRSTHQE5June 26, 2024
OWDTQ3HYACJuly 8, 2024
FDO2HJM49July 9, 2024

How to redeem Pechka – Story Adventure Game codes?

To redeem a code in Pechka - Story Adventure Game: Open the game, navigate to the settings menu, select "redeem code," enter the code, and claim your rewards.

Pechka – Story Adventure Game Codes Review

A beautiful game as always. The OST fits in with the atmosphere, the characters are all beautifully illustrated along with the backgrounds. Pytor is a very complex character, and I can't wait to see more of his story as you continue writing. However, my only complaint is that the coin system is rather annoying, as there is no calendar or attendance check for coins. This would make it easier to go through episodes/chapters. If you could implement that, it would make the game alot better. <3

Interesting story but the gold system makes it tedious. Given you usually only have enough gold for 1 or 2 episodes a day IF you watch all the ads, you don't really get a lot of content per episode. I mean, there was literally an episode where all he did was run out of the door and then get dragged back in. Riveting. Also wish there was more agency, all I've chosen is what trivial thing to say to a couple characters. A more diverse soundtrack is also needed. The same one song gets old quick.

The stuff you have to agree to in the beginning is weird at the point where it tells you streaming info? It also says the game may 'cause physical damage' did you mean mental? Cause that was weird idk. :/ The graphics and music and cutscences were awesome and it looks like a cool game if you're into the plot, which I, unfortunately, was not. Loved the dream sequences tho! I'd definitely play a horror/psychological game if you made it.

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