Mary Brown’s Chicken is a beloved fast food chain renowned for its delicious fried chicken. With a menu boasting a variety of crispy chicken options, Mary Brown’s has captured the hearts (and taste buds) of customers across Canada. From classic chicken drumsticks and wings to mouthwatering chicken sandwiches and tenders, there’s something for every fried chicken lover. The chain’s commitment to using quality ingredients and signature seasoning sets it apart, ensuring a truly unforgettable dining experience. Whether it’s a quick meal on the go or a family feast, Mary Brown’s Chicken is the go-to destination for scrumptious, satisfying fried chicken.

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- 1. Free drink with meal purchase 2. 10% off family meal bundle 3. BOGO on chicken sandwich 4. Free dessert with any order 5. $5 off any catering order

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- 1. Free small fries, 2. 10% off meal, 3. Free soft drink, 4. BOGO sandwich

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Mary Brown’s Chicken

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Mary Brown’s Chicken Reviews

I have such a strong dislike of having to pick a location before being able to edit my order. The fact I can't exit the popup in the Android app with the back button makes me feel like I'm on an iPhone. The fact I have to add a bottle deposit before I can finish an order it downright stupid. The fact that the combos section is not sorted by type of food is ludicrous. One of the most frustrating user experiences in a long time.

Pretty standard food app. Not bad, not exceptional. It's mostly intuitive and doesn't lag (more than can be said about other food apps), you get reward points, and it's a convenient way to order. If you can get use out of it, you will.

Probably the worst of all the fast food apps when it actually works. You can't order some items sometimes with no explanation. Having to add bottle/can deposits and recycling fees like it's a separate item is ridiculous.

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