March of Empires: War Games is an exhilarating strategy game that transports players back to the medieval era. Take control of a powerful empire and prepare for epic battles with rival leaders. Strategize, build and expand your kingdom, recruit armies, and forge alliances to ensure your dominance in this dynamic world. Engage in intense PvP battles, conquer enemy territories, and strategize with allies to become the ultimate ruler. With stunning graphics and immersive gameplay, March of Empires: War Games offers an exciting and thrilling gaming experience for strategy enthusiasts.

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Pretty involved game. I'm still getting a feel for it. The graphics/artwork are pretty darn good in some parts. I found the instructions fairly clear but the flow of the game I still haven't quite gotten a grasp of yet. Lots of repetitive "clicking" and upgrading the various upgradeables. There is a lot of things to keep up on and you can also get help from other people playing the game and you have opportunities to assist them, too. I think for some this game would be good one to have.

Gameloft had a good game...and then over the years have made it worse. In their efforts to make it more balanced and less pay to win they have actually achieved the complete opposite. For example not being able to teleport to enemy lands now means your attacking from a distance. And who is more likely to have a lot of march speed boosts? The spenders.

It's not a bad game. It does get pricey though especially after castle level 14. I have had only one issue. I bought a package that was 19.99 and recieved it, and then an error message popped up and the package(that was marked buy 3 times) changed from 19.99 to 99.99. There were no changes in the package at all . No increases. I don't mind spending money on a good game, but upping the pack price fove times for the same I bought at 20 dollars is frustrating.

Made it kinda far into the game. App kept crashing, so I uninstalled and reinstalled it. Only to not be able to access that castle anymore. Tried to mess around with it to get it back, but the app continued to crash. I gave up on it, and won't take a really long time on a new account, and making a brand new alliance for, I was the leader of my other one. This sucks because I did enjoy this game, until the recurring crashing.

I am changing to a 1 because the game is so messed up right now!! Won't load lagging and freezing since the last update now you can't even get on the game . It's ashame, ive been playing the game every since it started. Best game online!!! It is a little complicated at first and has gotten very expensive. Very time-consuming and very addictive.

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Strategy games of medieval civilization warfare This Halloween Update, we’re bringing you all the treats!
- Headless horsemen running riot in the World Encounters
- An exciting new Samhain Halloween Personal Story
- Holiday Boss – Fight the Fright staged event
- Halloween Event Shop with all the goodies
- And what’s Halloween without a Pumpkin Hunt?
- We’re also adding a brand-new Path to Glory item
- A Steel sub-section to the Inventory menu
- Additional Paragon, Talent and Champion Equipment presets
- And VIP levels are extended to 40

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