MAPS.ME is a top-rated offline mapping and navigation app that allows users to access detailed maps without an internet connection. With features like offline search, automatic re-routing, and real-time traffic updates, it’s perfect for travelers, hikers, and road trippers. The app offers detailed maps of over 220 countries and territories and includes points of interest like restaurants, gas stations, and tourist attractions. Its intuitive interface and reliable GPS navigation make it a must-have for anyone exploring new destinations. MAPS.ME is available for free on both Android and iOS devices, making it a valuable resource for everyone on the go.

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MAPS.ME: Offline maps GPS Nav Reviews

When I reviewed this originally in 2017 there were no limitations and it was excellent. The 10 map limit seemed to be introduced last year and I managed with that. Now I come to use it again, I had the same experience as reviewer Enzo [23 December]. I can't access the maps I had already downloaded. I deleted a couple but the counter stayed at 10 and it wouldn't let me download any more. Yes, they've ruined it. I can't seem to give no stars so the one star indicates a useless app.

I foolishly paid for the premium annual version a few months ago and regret it. I can't get a reply to my queries and they just want your money with no support. Heads up for anyone wanting a very similar app based on OSM as a great substitute and it's Organic Maps. Free to use (donations help with development) with unlimited maps, and what I've read from the reviews, great support. It's very much what used to be like in the past before the cash grab.

I tried for my 10 tries to get to my doctor office but I'm not sure it's taking my address. Just the street only. I'd get a note "we cannot offer a route. ...". Google maps has no trouble at all finding the exact location. MAPS.ME found the street but not the address. I'm going to need that address. This app has failed. Sorry. I can't even guess why it isn't working. An ancient copy of offline maps couldn't find it either for ref. The building is not new. Anyway, Google maps wins this time.

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