In this game, you should add the elements in pairs. Here you can meet living heroes, plunge into incredible adventures, and also experience certain game mechanics.

Expeditions and quests await ahead, you need to go through more than 2 thousand levels, solve puzzles, justify portals in order to conquer new lands. Do not forget about the restoration and decoration of the estate, as well as the release of enchanted cats. Get around the achievements of your comrades, stay tuned for updates and new tours. There is a chance to play offline without losing personal progress. Focus on results.

Active Mahjong Treasure Quest VIP Codes

kCfASTxxxxx Get

- Gold x2169K, Gems x386, Coins x31962

1oBMQhxxxxx Get

- Diamonds x481, Money x53864, Resources x7816K

Mahjong Treasure Quest Codes

List of Mahjong Treasure Quest Codes

Gift CodesExpiration DateTotal
0RCHm5xDnUrJune 7, 2023247
gpDWvyJn1w7eJuly 4, 2023290
sSYrxBba6zJuly 9, 2023578
Hgtd3BEpxASJuly 6, 2023698
cuM0UmAoJsYJune 2, 2023767

How to exchange the promo code??

  • Step 1: Click on 'Avatar' => 'Settings' => 'Redeem Code'.
  • Step 2: Enter the code in the gift code' box and press 'Confirm' to receive the reward.
Mahjong Treasure Quest Redeem Code

Mahjong Treasure Quest Tier List

I've been playing for years. This latest update has me super frustrated. The dungeon levels are impossible now. They won't let you use boosters & the tiles are different. Whyyyy???? I love the treasure quests, however. The graphics are fantastic.

This has been my favorite game for awhile now. The graphics are great. The rewards are pretty good. But for a few days now the option to watch ads for an extra shuffle and to get 150 more power for expeditions has somehow disappeared. So now I have to play a level 5+ times to pass it and it was already stupid hard to have to complete ridiculous collections to move onto the next chapter. And now it's even harder without the extra ad option to shuffle or open an extra box without paying coins. πŸ˜•

I love this game. It's perfect for me. It's colorful and cute, challenging, has variation, is creative, not just an ad-fest, good for all ages... I think it's an amazing app. The main game is the puzzles, which are fun and fair. But then they add an extra dimension to that by having the "expeditions" where you follow a story line and work to solve a mystery or explore or help someone. Two things I really love about this app - how the game reacts to the player failing timed levels due to the time limit. If I don't finish the puzzle by the countdown, then the next attempt I will get a couple of extra seconds. I think this is a great idea to stop players from being frustrated and discouraged. I also REALLY enjoy the system of voluntary ads - you can choose to watch ads, and doing so will either give you boosters to help you in the puzzle, or help you progress to the next zone on the map. This is helpful and doesn't make the player rely only on spending money to save them from difficult levels. This system makes me more likely to make in-game purchases because it's not so shady. The one issue I have is that I would really love to be able to get the cool tile sets. But I am completely confused why they are priced at 999 coins. To buy this many coins would be about $60. I'm sure someone somewhere would spend this. But I can't, even on a game I really enjoy and would like to support. I wish this was more realistic. I've earned 117 coins so far by playing regularly for 4 months, so I know earning 999 is out of the question. I'd be willing to pay money, but I can't justify spending more than $15 on a game. Much less $60. Anyway, thanks for making a superb app, it's hard to find quality apps anymore.

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Mahjong Treasure Quest Wiki

Match tiles of this mahjong game (ιΊ»ε°†) & start your secret restore expedition! Welcome the new update!
πŸͺ„Create unique magic items, fulfill orders of the Magic World residents, and get valuable rewards!
🐲A kind-hearted gardener turned into an evil dragon, and now he wants to kidnap the princess! Help Sophie make things right and find out what children's games with ancient magic can lead to!

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