Lost Island: Blast Adventure – you will plunge into an incredible story, get acquainted with the bright environment, chat with cute characters. So, go to the island, solving various puzzles along the way.

Make a heavenly place, go through all the missions, proving along the way that you are capable of doing a lot of things. Naturally, caution will not hurt, as there are a lot of ghosts around. Assemble your dream home, new adventures are just beginning and they will be just incredible. Obviously, the first thing to do is to analyze the situation, and only after that take on the tasks. Restore everything around, passing tour after tour.

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VHLy4mxxxxx Get

- Gold x6714K, Gems x716, Coins x62538

iUoYsXxxxxx Get

- Diamonds x273, Money x62357, Resources x6138K

Lost Island: Blast Adventure Codes

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Gift CodesExpiration DateTotal
FZ8EbhuqioCJuly 7, 2023620
FkBWzDdL4e8pJuly 10, 2023621
jOd3rn0T9CJune 16, 2023315
YiEgqV8xodcJuly 16, 2023874
inBVDqdE0rgJuly 4, 2023364

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Lost Island: Blast Adventure Tier List

Love this game, it's my favorite match 3 game. Not too hard, but nicely challenging. I think the most time I've spent on a level is 3 tries. That's not difficult......just challenges me a bit. The story is cute, and interesting so far.....can't wait to see more! Thanks guys. Still in love! Still love the powerful boosters, totem challenge and smoothie challenge! I have this game on several devices, for nearly 6 years!

A lot of fun! The puzzles get harder as the levels go up. There's a lot of the puzzles where the random computer pieces will determine whether you win or not. Also, as the puzzles get harder you'll find you'll only need 1 more move when you don't have any left (a clever ploy to try to get you to buy more moves). But if you resist you'll eventually get it.

I love the restful island environment. I like helping to restore and beautify an already lovely environment. I like the variety of characters and projects. Thanks for the fun!!! πŸ˜„πŸ’–πŸŒ· Sometimes the games drag when the only moves available are a waste of time and don't help achieve the goal. I know you wish me to purchase better options, but I'm poor and can't. :s

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Lost Island: Blast Adventure Wiki

Treasure hunt in a paradise island: Design & decorate a private tropical beach "Here's a fun update for you adventurous islanders: THE TOTEM CHALLENGE!
Dive into this event and beat levels to assemble grand totems for prizes."

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