Lokapala is an exciting mobile game that takes players on an epic adventure in a fantasy world. With its stunning visuals and immersive gameplay, Lokapala offers a unique experience for gamers of all ages. Choose from a variety of powerful heroes with unique abilities and strategize your way to victory in thrilling multiplayer battles. Unlock new heroes, level up your skills, and become the ultimate champion in Lokapala. Join the community of players and embark on an unforgettable journey in this action-packed mobile game. Play Lokapala now and unleash your inner warrior!

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- 1000 gold, 200 gems, 3 diamonds, 5 rubies, 1 legendary armor set, 10 healing potions, 5000 money, 20 rare weapons, 30 powerful scrolls, 2 magical amulets.

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- 100 gold, 50 gems, $20, 10 diamonds, 200 resources, epic equipment, legendary items, 50 potions, 5 keys, 500 mana.

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MkSVsZuT987November 5, 2023
5wlgNHdSs8861November 14, 2023
x6ugi354t277October 9, 2023
yiAvEcurdQq960November 11, 2023
xpBYu72eVO258November 17, 2023

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Lokapala Tier List

I know this game is new so I didn't have much expectations. However, it's laggy af. I reconnected like 3-5 times in a game. Never had this issue while playing other mobas. The interface is too much. Having one row to display your Ksatrias is ineffective. I don't know which Ksatria belongs to which lane. The build/item display is also confusing. Like, which item is the final item? As a beginner, I used the recommended build, but I notice there are some mid-tier items in there too.

The icons are too small, making it hard to see the enemy icon on the minimap. When the camera range is set to far, the game looks very small, and I can't see anything, resulting in a significant drop in performance. The tower's shooting speed seems too slow. The map is very dark. I think it needs more contrast between the wall, bush, and ground textures. Additionally, for the bush, there is no indicator or text that tells me whether I was successfully hidden.

It's playable. Graphics are the greatest point I would say, but there are lots of visibility issues. Like minimaps icons too small, minions HP also too small it got covered by your Ksatriya, I can't timed my escape during tower dive since I can't tell when they're about to die. And c'mon, make recall the default option that is like the basic necessities.

I tried it again after long time to see how it is now, a lot has been impoved now, but The UI design still need more work, way to many ornament in such small icon, simplify it. Brawl mode map is way too dark when you combine it with the ksatriya which also have dark color, yeah need more tweaking visually, keep it up devs

I guess the game is great. I enjoy playing it. However, for me, personally, the design of the map could be improved by maybe distinguishing the color between the monster and the area and lowering the brightness of the color. Additionally, the game is sometimes lagging and I guess that's not only me. The graphic could be improved a lot. I hope this review can be helpful for everyone. Always support the local video game! XD

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MOBA game focusing on skill and team strategy. =PUBLIC 1.4.306.20359=

- Moving banner

- Ksatriya Suryavaja’s Skill not visible to out of range enemy
- Line targeting on Ksatriya Ma’esh “Tejobhiru” Skill

- Debuff Raksatriya
- Datta team unable to ban Ksatriya in Custom Banpick Mode
- Drafting ban
- Targeting UI on Ksatriya skills
- Lokaprime Leaderboard
- Following & Blacklist
- Various bugs & in-game issues

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