LifeMart is the ultimate destination for exclusive discounts and deals on everyday essentials to enhance your life. With a wide range of offerings, from discounted electronics and groceries to travel and entertainment specials, LifeMart helps you save money and live better. As a member, you gain access to incredible savings on popular brands and services. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your home, plan a vacation, or simply save on daily expenses, LifeMart is here to make your life more affordable and enjoyable. Join LifeMart today and start enjoying the perks of membership!

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- 10% off any purchase, free shipping on orders over $50, buy one get one free on select items, $5 gift card.

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- "50% off any item, Buy one get one free, $10 gift card, free shipping on orders over $50."

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4jX73TFemS323October 21, 2023

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  • Step 1: Click on 'Avatar' => 'Settings' => 'Promo Code'.
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Coupons are extremely vague and unhelpful. For example we are promised a 65% discount on the entire site on select items, but when you go to the website, sign up and put in the code it's not clear where this particular discount applies or if it's simply a general discount on the site. Other merchants seem to just want to post an ad for you to see without any discount applies whatsoever. Some gym membership discounts seem somewhat legitimate though

How is it that every coupon I try to print from the App never prints, but counts against the use of the coupon? It's not the printer, that is brand new, prints from other apps and websites with no trouble. You need to fix this ridiculous nonsense. Why is this even a problem with so many coupons? How could you not know? Do you really need outside help to be informed of technical day to day issues? Maybe just contact the company on the coupon to let them know it's sort of false advertisement.

This is by far the most useless "benefit" ever offered. I've been a member for several years and to date, I've taken advantage of zero offers. Why? Because every "deal" they offer is readily available anywhere else. Want to look for a deal on a hotel or car rental? You'll find a better offer on Priceline or Expedia. Looking for a deal on insurance? Technology? Tickets? You can easily find better prices anywhere else.

As someone new to lifemart, I wanted to see what was offered before I joined, which they show very little of what they offer. The discounts are minimal at best, it seems, unless you're in certian salary brackets. Lifemart has a long way to go to be made viable to anyone that isn't mid-high level management and salary employees. Also, it's basically an app to HOST offers...offers you can already find on your own...which makes the whole service pointless as a whole. I won't be signing up

The app is linked to work email. Every time I log in it asks for the email it is linked to. Then it asks for a verification code which is sent to the email it's linked to. Work is so tight with their security that it's near impossible to access work email from home. This app is no good to me if I cannot access it outside of work.

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LifeMart makes everyday life a little more affordable, and a lot more fun. Thank you for continuing to use the LifeMart app. We made a few edits and fixes to be sure things are running smoothly!

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