Embark on a legendary adventure of a lifetime! Immerse yourself in thrilling quests and epic battles as you explore enchanted lands, encounter mythical creatures, and unravel ancient mysteries. This action-packed journey will test your courage, intelligence, and agility as you navigate treacherous terrains and overcome formidable challenges. With each step, you’ll uncover hidden treasures and unlock new abilities, forging your path to become a legendary hero. Get ready to defy the odds, face your fears, and write your own tale in the annals of history. The legendary adventure awaits!

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This game is easy, and fun very chill and the graphics remind me of Adventure Time! My only problems are: 1: I don't like that there is no equipment lock button to stop you from selling gear that you don't want to lose when you recycle. 2: When you recycle gear you should get the same amount of resources back that you put into the piece you upgraded before its lost. Other than that? Solid game. Fix those 2 issues and it's definitely 5* worthy.

Finally found something that's not technical, farm related or downright dumb. The ads so far seem to be optional and you get rewarded for watching them. Not invasive (other devs need to take note!!) It's a simple game, just mindless time killing. And you know what? That's ok. I just wish the tutorial was a little more helpful and better detailed.

I love this god tier dungeon crawler. Ads are totally optional and serve to double your rewards. I enjoy collecting goodies and freebies and with a little bit of patience, I now have a couple of epic items, which make gameplay easier, not that it's overly difficult to begin with. Level grinding has never been this much fun tbh. I'm having a blast! A well deserved 5 ⭐ from me.

Quality!!! I totally loved loved this game, the game I was looking for a long time, a game you can play previously completed stages with same reward, no energy means you can play how many hours you'll like. Ads is optional, if you just want to double your rewards, which is in a good way, and the best of it, it is a free to play, you can win without frustration. I hope that you'll keep these features for future updates. I wanna see this game still running after few years.

Features behind ad watching became unavailable after purchasing ad removal pack and were replaced behind premium currency purchases. This is first time I came across such dirty practice. Now to the gameplay. Not much better here either. Quick clear is inconsistent between 3 dungeon types, swamp rewards are much higher than others. Auto play is clunky, huntress can get stuck on invis monsters. Lack of quick recycle. Recycling higher quality doesn't give extra resources. And so on..

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