Legacy of Discord-Furious Wings is an action-packed mobile game that offers thrilling battles and jaw-dropping visual effects. Players can choose from three unique classes – the invincible Berserker, the agile Blade Dancer, or the powerful Sorceress – and embark on epic quests, battle against fierce enemies, and unleash devastating skills. With a variety of game modes including PvP arenas, team dungeons, and guild wars, Legacy of Discord-Furious Wings offers endless hours of entertainment. Join millions of players worldwide and experience the legacy of chaos and destruction!

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- 10,000 gold, 5 diamonds, 2 rubies, 1 Epic equipment, 100 gems, 50,000 money, 20 resources, 3 items, 2,000 gems, 1 legendary equipment.

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- Gold, 500 gems, $100, 10 diamonds, 5000 resources, Mythical sword, Fireball staff, Mystery artifact.

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vgV6X9pw255November 5, 2023
cFLZX6Dsvl655October 4, 2023
e6b3ilAQw603November 19, 2023
xbMQKl7Zqyt801October 22, 2023
rTwIPiVOCo765October 13, 2023

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The game is great honestly I've been playing on my other account for years it's really fun. Though without a doubt there are flaws: 1. It should be easier to get cooler armor after levels. 2. Needs to be more than 3 character options 3. Option to explore map freely with other players. 4. Better cpu voices. But over all amazing game.

It is an ok game. Definitely pay to play. It is also not a new concept, and you kill monsters get rewards upgrade your character using the rewards. There are rampant connection issues, and players who are not willing to spend ridiculous amounts of money to compete don't get very far. The game gets incredibly redundant and after a little while boring. Graphics and game play are ok, but with the disadvantage of ptp, I quickly lost interest and moved on to the next super similar game.

I haven't logged in for a while, but I remember why now. I can't see most elements of the game, since on the screen many items are just a block of red &white squares! I updated the app, no changes. It's very frustrating, and renders the game useless. Update: I checked the account, etc., no changes. I tried making 2 new characters on two different servers, same thing! Couldn't even get through the tutorial! I submitted a ticket, with screen shots. No response after a week.

Wow...The graphics are incredible, along with leveling and dungeon systems. When I first got this game, I thought it was gonna be another 'protect your base' game, but it turned out to be a lot like World of Warcraft, except more limited (which is expected for a mobile game). The game gets progressively difficult, and requires a lot of skill in order to get high BR quickly. It can easily take up a lot of your time, but you can also run it in the background while doing work or excersize. Amazing.

First impression after a bit of time: Graphics are better than average. VOICE ACTING IS AWFUL! Gameplay is like almost any isometric top-down dungeon crawler, except it is imprecise at times. Screen gets crowded and confusing. Icons flash for no apparent reason other than advertising, you can turn on auto to play for you...but why? It's good, but nothing amazing.

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