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New valid Idle High School Tycoon Code

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- Earn 500 credits, 50 gems, and a mystery prize!

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- "Win 500 books, 300 basketballs, 200 laptops, 100 skateboards!"

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Idle High School Tycoon

List of Idle High School Tycoon Codes

W8ELV9XNYR Gold x198, Money x46172, Speed Up x6972 (Expires on July 22, 2024)
1CP09N3L Diamond x89, Hero EXP x4362 (Expires on August 3, 2024)
HDSMOY2V Free Boosts x46, Cash x45, Diamond x84293 (Expires on June 18, 2024)
KM0EU43LH Iron x124, Speed Up x61942, Free Boosts x932 (Expires on July 29, 2024)
IMEX8LF5 Iron x24319, Timber x36 (Expires on June 18, 2024)
4M071VOSHAR Stone x745, Diamond x7815 (Expires on August 1, 2024)
JXYPRZC154E Diamond x619, Stone x74986, Iron x147 (Expires on July 28, 2024)
IJ46WUMP1 Gold x548, Summon Scrolls x9621, Chest x85397, Energy x5276 (Expires on July 10, 2024)
ZQOV8MY3 Stone x1387, Cash x53692 (Expires on July 6, 2024)
CWLE921AFT5 Rubies x86243, Ore x3764 (Expires on August 3, 2024)
DYN843MA Stone x1495, Items x58376, Free Boosts x92 (Expires on August 11, 2024)
XCUW9BV32A EXP x728, Food x97, Energy x59 (Expires on June 18, 2024)
Q7NMLDVOJ Resources x31294, Chest x8657, Speed Up x27314 (Expires on July 6, 2024)
EIDAN9CJB1U Coins x318, Chest x1634, Diamonds x38 (Expires on July 7, 2024)

How to redeem Idle High School Tycoon codes?

To redeem a code in Idle High School Tycoon, tap on the settings icon, select "Redeem Code," enter the code, and claim your rewards.

Idle High School Tycoon Codes review

Updated review: I've got the first school about 75% upgraded and there's two things I think could be improved. It doesn't earn much money if the ap's not open, but there's nothing to do while waiting for money to add up. Also the lockers are frustrating at best. I've got them at lvl 45 and they're still not finished. Seems like overkill. It would be better if you could upgrade the entire set all at once instead of one by one. Original review: I like it. Cute and kind of addicting.

Love the concept of the game but there are a few issues that make the game less enjoyable for me. 1. Ads. Everytime I start the game & go to double my offline earnings, it refuses to give me an ad. Once I give up & get into the game, the option to watch ads still take forever to load. 2. Making irl cash required for way too many factors of game play instead of 1 of the 2 currencies in-game is off-putting. 3. I hate how you can customize everything but the teachers' lounge and exterior walls.

I like the game, I really do. But it can get a bit frustrating. I am like 20 points away from getting the first prestige, and it keeps going super close, then back down. Why? Everything in the first school is maxed. Also, it is not only annoying that the school doesn't keep going when you get off the app like most idle games do, but when I go to the next school to work on that, it acts like I closed the app. It is a fun game, just could use a tweak or two to make it much better.

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