Last War: Shelter Heroes is an exciting military strategy game set in an alternate reality where a global war has wiped out most of humanity. Few survivors lead a desperate struggle for life on the ruins of a lost civilization. You have to take command of one of the underground bunkers, miraculously survived a terrible war. Your task is to restore the shelter, organize its defense and turn it into a reliable and comfortable fortress. An underground shelter under your wise leadership can become the center of the revival of human civilization. Get the necessary resources and build new shelter modules. Make sorties to find and save the survivors. Train and train soldiers. Protect your house from enemy attacks and work out the right survival strategy in the new world.

Active Army Shelter: Last Z World War VIP Codes

Z1YuyOxxxxx Get

- Gold x4697K, Gems x536, Coins x34268

kdb2N6xxxxx Get

- Diamonds x432, Money x98641, Resources x7129K

Last War: Shelter Heroes. WWII Codes

List of Last War: Shelter Heroes. WWII Codes

Gift CodesExpiration DateTotal
t8sgpGmWaI1April 17, 2023349
NGK4jOr6FlH3March 11, 2023470
v01Oty89HXApril 23, 2023408
sjBkIfWUbYmApril 27, 2023334
U4RaNTfczGbApril 27, 2023153

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It's fun but for some reason, I'm stuck on stage 8 at the military base. I click on the glowing icon to start it but absolutely nothing happens. I don't know if there is a requirement I'm missing or what. Also, the weapons/armor/items given in the campaign are useless because the level of rewards do not match the required level to complete the latter campaigns. I'm level 20+ in a level for 20+ players but the loot given seems to range in the 10-15 range. The only use for them is scrap.

Greedy, basic, ugly and poor clone of "Fallout Shelter". Rewards are scant and take too long to drop, the game is also very basic and unoptimised, lacking the usual features. Ads are optional, but they're at least a minute long, which is annoying. Not even 15 minutes playing and I'm already out of resources and having to wait to collect the paltry sum given. Poor planning, poor execution, this game is an insult to its genre. Better to go back and just download "Fallout Shelter".

Man I really like this game and really want to give this 5 🌟 instead. But, the problem is it's just another pvp game which they should have made it a stand alone game where you could've played off and online player vs AI. This is going to die out just as another pay to play game being forced to buy to get further. UPDATE: Still no change and seems the game has gotten worst. Crashing a lot to needing a ton of time for upgrades and more supplies.

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Build & Battle. Train & Equip Army. Destroy WWII Enemy Bases. Fight in a PvP. - Soldiers graphics improvements.
- Supplies workshop rework.
- Supplies crates added.
- Bug fixing.
- Game balancing.

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