Last Island of Survival is an action-packed survival game set on a mysterious island. Players are stranded and must scavenge for resources, build shelters, and fight off dangerous beasts to stay alive. With stunning graphics and immersive gameplay, it offers a unique and challenging experience. Explore the sprawling island, uncover hidden secrets, and form alliances with other players to increase your chances of survival. Can you outlast the perils of the Last Island and be the sole survivor? It’s time to find out.

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Fun game for sure, great graphics, super game play; has a whole bunch of lags and glitches though. If the developers would like some input for some changes, me and my husband would be more than willing to keep a regular contact option available for us to share our experiences and potential fixes to those issues. :) we also played ARK a lot, so we know a thing or two, haha. Also, we want to Twitch Stream this game when it is more stable!!

How have you guys broke this game again? Stop adding in new things and fix the bugs that exist first, like audio not working on phone unless you connect to a Bluetooth speaker/headphones, the constant crashing of the game, have friends that use to play that won't anymore cause of the audio and crashing problems. The game has a lot of potential it always has just seems like it gets neglected when it comes to the bugs.

Loved the game instantly. It's pretty balanced for a mobile game. My only issue is the repair system via building/structure. The buildings deplete as time goes on, which makes it hard for me to play due to work and hobbies. Great game overall. I just wish we didn't have to repair our furniture/structure every couples of minutes.

It is a really cool survivul game (like Rust, whoever knows). There are a couple of problems. Firstly, it disconnexts and crashes a lot. Non of my other games do that. Secondly, the shooting is really wierd and doesn't make much sense. Thirdly, the missions. It's a good idea ro five them because they are basically a tutorial but they can be really hard to complete. I have been stuck on the ammo chest one for a long time now. Fourthly, the chat is really annoying with the word resrrictions.

Game let me back in now. I don't know why but it has a glitch where you can't pass the loading screen even with good wifi but I waited a few hours and I was able to get back on. Honestly it's a great game. Tutorials is basic. More intermediate and advance steps are nonexistent. However once you get the hang of it, its amazingly fun. Keep up the good work guys

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!!4th Anniversary!! How would you survive? - Open World Survival Game 1.New Weapon - NTW Anti-Materiel Sniper Rifle
2.New Feature - Battle Dressup
3.Counter Weapon Optimization

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