Mazes & More is an exciting and challenging game that will keep you entertained for hours. With countless puzzles and mazes to navigate through, it’s perfect for anyone who loves brain-teasing games. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, there’s a maze for every skill level. Test your problem-solving skills as you try to reach the exit in the shortest amount of time possible. The game’s colorful graphics and intuitive controls make it easy to play and hard to put down. Download Mazes & More today and get ready to get lost in the fun!

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- 10 gold, 3 gems, 5 diamonds, 2 rubies, 1 equipment, 100 money, 20 resources, 6 items, 4 equipment, 50 gold.

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- 500 gold, 10 gems, $100, 3 diamonds, 500 wood, iron sword, health potion, 5 arrows

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nzpW7XIG125November 1, 2023
bZ3U0xSH6J364November 1, 2023
QTBXFD9mb823October 25, 2023
6jaW5NZupB0317November 3, 2023
Iy1Mx9KYlZ895October 18, 2023

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level 32 of second trap, last trap. The game moves too fast for my device. I had no trouble until now and really loved the game. Now I cannot proceed forward simply because my phone/internet or something is too slow. Very disappointing. I looked to see if there were controls but couldn't find any. I would have been ok with a slightly slower game, although that might make the other traps too easy.

Excellent gameplay. At first I was put off by the control system, I anticipated being able to use my finger to draw my own path around the maze. But instead, there is a dot that navigates the maze for you, and you swipe in the desired direction to move said dot in the desired direction. This is very helpful in later levels when the maze becomes large, and the paths become narrow.

Game itself is fun, with a simple UI. There are ads after almost EVERY puzzle, & the ads are a nightmare to close. At least 9 out 10 times, when I tap the X to close, it takes me to the download page. This happens multiple times before I can successfully close the advert & resume proceed to the next level. I spend a minimum of twice as much time stuck in ads & the loops of attempting to close them than I do actually playing the game. About to uninstall from sheer exasperation.

The game is terrific, lots of fun , only problem is when it changed to game ten ,the screen went completely black and stayed that way for quite awhile. This didn't occur after each game upgrade , only, somewhere after game ten in level one. Please in prove that! No other problems detected, the game is great ! Other than that minor flaw!

This is so horrible. The ads are small on top but get in front of the pause button. That is so stupid. Whats more stupid is the fact that the box around the ad to enable it is so wide it covers the whole screen literally. Now I can't even swipe to move. Just sends me to the dumb ripoff game of crosswords. The same game from another person but just with color. How dumb. The controls are so fragile. I try swipping a direction but the dumb controls are to delicate and it goes the other way. Hate it!

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Retro classic maze game, enjoy fun challenges & play simple puzzle games A new version of Mazes & More is here! Here’s what’s new:
🙃 NEW Mirror Mode: Beat the mazes with the controls reversed. (Hint: Move up to go down)
🔀 Play Shuffle Mode: Randomize the mazes & test your skills in future levels
⚡️ Conquer Lightning Mode: Do you have what it takes to complete this fast-paced gauntlet?
🌈 Discover more colorful customizations with 15 Path Colors & 15 Player Avatars
Have questions or feedback? Email us at [email protected] for fast & friendly support.

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