Kubik Gift Codes (2023 September) 1.3

Last update September 23, 2023

Kubik is a revolutionary digital agency specializing in experiential marketing and digital solutions. With a focus on creating immersive brand experiences, Kubik helps businesses engage with their target audience in a meaningful way. From interactive exhibits and retail installations to virtual reality experiences and mobile apps, Kubik’s team of experts work closely with clients to bring their vision to life. With a global presence and a track record of success, Kubik is trusted by leading brands to deliver memorable and impactful campaigns that drive results.

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- 5 gold, 10 gems, 20 diamonds, 3 rubies, 50,000 money, 2 equipment, 100 resources, 15 items.

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- Gold, gems, money, diamonds, resources, equipment, items: 500, 300, 1000, 200, 1000, sword, potion, shield, armor.

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Q2Ujna0d712October 20, 2023
RbFvX0EgcQ860October 2, 2023
AWhCk0z7T656November 7, 2023
xDVSg3QYu8K549November 3, 2023
ucOpZwzd07377November 11, 2023

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  • Step 1: Click on 'Avatar' => 'Settings' => 'Promo Code'.
  • Step 2: Enter the code in the gift code box and press 'Confirm' to receive the reward.

Kubik Tier List

Could be good with changes. I rarely have enough time to understand what shape I'm dropping or how it will fit before it's too late, and I'm a pretty quick guy when it comes to spacial awareness. It would also be nice to have a next up and hold feature as this is obviously a re- imagining of tetris, you might as well copy what worked for them. I'm not asking for more ability to control where the shapes fall as it feels integral to the game but specifically more info on HOW the shape falls.

While the concept of 3D tetris is novel, this game's execution of it is lacking - with clunky controls and only one gamemode, it's hardly worth sitting through the ads it delivers. To get an idea of what I mean, consider that swipes to turn the tower only count if you lift your finger from the screen. This makes navigating blocks into place feel very unnatural and slow, which clashes with the constant pressure of blocks falling.. which can't be rotated or moved. All in all, not fun at all.

Very good visuals, good concept. But it's borderline impossible to understand which shape is coming down and move it in time, first of all, you see the entirety of the shape when it's already too late. Then the animation to rotate is too slow, it's not as reactive as it should be. Also the 'shadow' shapes have while falling don't take into account wether the shape actually fits, making it harder to guess the shape falling. TLDR you need a negative reaction time to play this game.

You really can't be good at this. I swear this game chooses randomly when to place the block while it also doesn't want to give you the blocks at the places you need them (that's a given cause there are so many options on where to place the blocks) but it's really just a luck based Tetris. Visuals are good tho!

Its a blatant attempt at a 3d tetris and it is a interesting concept for a game with what it is now. But it just straight up seems unfinished the ui is pretty clunky, and its very difficult to know what you are doing considering how much time you have between seeing the full shape and when it touches the tower. With a bit more time, some ui and quality of life updates this could be pretty good.

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Place the falling blocks correctly in order to clear layers! ◉ 4 new planets added, try to unlock them!
◉ Gameplay improvements.

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