Kong Island: Farm & Survival is a game outstanding with composite stimulating that Kong Island: Farm & Survival wants to share to all friends. You will get for free items like experience points after get code. Below is a list of Kong Island: Farm & Survival now codes supporting all phone types android, ios or pc.

Kong Island: Farm & Survival Codes

List of Kong Island: Farm & Survival Codes

Gift Codes Expiration Date Total
vYpZ5bzP7TQ March 27, 2023 617
u40yeEjRA2cs February 3, 2023 893
K6dBDJ3WMk March 10, 2023 933
F63ZkprYulG March 31, 2023 488
apqOm8gCiAQ March 27, 2023 837

How to exchange the gift code?

  • Step 1: Click on 'Avatar' => 'Settings' => 'Promo Code'.
  • Step 2: Enter the code in the gift code' box and press 'Confirm' to receive the reward.
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Kong Island: Farm & Survival Tier List

this is really a good game to play. it has only the ads that you want to see if you need engery. the story line is very good, try it i think you will like it. i gave 5 star because there has been no problem, just plain fun. thanks everyone,,,, Jan 14,2023. Update. this game is still so much fun. there have been no problems,, none. Thank you to everyone that made it possible for me to play this game. Stll a 5* game.

If you want a game to waste your time it's a good game just don't expect any progress you need everything to make everything so you never get anywhere in the game knifes to make everything bowls to make everything it's really a time waster and no progress i buy 500 energy it's gone after a few rocks or trees just a waste of time would give a better review if it was easier to upgrade and make things but you can't because everything you make you gotta use to make other things plus upgrade building

Enter a world of making things with different places to discover, it does get, same all same all but the story ongoing and beautifully designed artwork and animation, I really like this as there isn't pressure to this game which I like very much as I do not like pushy time limits programs. Over all this is great to play. NE

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Kong Island: Farm & Survival Wiki

Farm and rebuild Kong Island, discover skull island adventure - Added treasure zone
- Relax corner feature
- Avatar change feature
- Added new decorations and currency feature
- Add the feature of explosive bombs to destroy resources
- Add storage feature (house, decorations)
- Added daily quest feature
- Added guardian island logic: bring the statue back to Kong Island
- Fixed some language translation errors
- Optimize game experience

Name Kong Island: Farm & Survival
Version 1.2.0
Price FREE
Rating 4.8 (2699 ratings)
Category New
Update January 31, 2023
Get it on Google Play
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