Knight War: Idle Defense is an exhilarating game that combines the thrill of strategy and the excitement of RPG elements. In this epic battle, you are a valiant knight defending your kingdom against waves of demonic creatures. As you progress, you can unlock new heroes, upgrade their skills, and gather powerful weapons and armor. The idle gameplay allows you to strategically manage your heroes and their abilities, even when you’re offline. Embark on an epic adventure and become the ultimate defender in Knight War: Idle Defense!

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The gameplay is decent but holy moly the constant obnoxious popups and forced ads after every few levels absolutely ground what little fun I was having to a halt. User experience is important and constantly forcing the player out of the gameplay is never a good idea. Edit: tried it again today and was pleased to see ad removal was a one-time purchase for $0.99 which would be great except it doesn't work. Ad rewards still require watching an ad even after purchase, defeating the purpose entirely.

the only thing I can criticize this game about is the ads popping up and interrupting the game. I like that most are voluntary, for extra coins or to double rewards, but the ads that come after finishing a battle is very annoying. I love the animation, getting rewards while offline, and watching the characters grow. very solid game. fix the ad issue and it is definitely a 5 star. no glitches and smooth gameplay. tutorial could be better, but half the fun of playing games is figuring them out.

pretty fun. the ads are forced, but they arent too overwhelming. It utilizes a stamina system, which Im not fond of. if i want to play a game for 10 hours, I should be allowed to without paying real world money. An option to pay to remove forced ads would be appreciated. I think the game has potential to be great. I would love to see a prestige/artifact system put in place. That would add longevity to the game and keep players more engaged and likely generate a bit more revenue.

Game is OK. Positive is that you can advance without a money investment. However, it is simply a time killer. Little strategy or control. Statistical odds when performing actions suck (wheel spin lands on worst spot 95/100 times after 30 second video have NEVER seen a helpful item drop). Cannot change main Hero without money investment and game play get monotonous after awhile with inability to change characters). Overall focus is to get you to watch ads. Just a time waste....

the game is okay, still some buggy stuff like upgrading buttons not showing proper costs and hardly any explanation of how to progress by upgrading but other then that it seems to work fine, pretty frustrating though that the game just gives you random commercials when it gives you the option to watch commercials for rewards... i would much rather get rewarded for wasting my time with commercials than just getting random ass commercials on top of selecting to watch them.

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Knight War: Idle Defense is fantastic roleplaying game - Update to unity 2020.3.47f1
- Use inter ads backup for rewarded ads

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