King Tongue – believe me, you have never encountered such entertainment, the task is extremely simple – you need to destroy your own opponents, using only the language, the mechanics have been worked out to the smallest detail. Actively tap on the screen in order to be attracted to a specific place.

If one of the rivals is on the way, do not be afraid to inflict unexpected blows, only in this way will you surpass each enemy. In total, there are only 40 levels in the gameplay, but it is rational to pass each of them for 3 stars, respectively, you will be able to get interesting costumes and other bonuses. Not only the graphics will please, but also the physics, the details surprise with their perfection.

Active King Tongue VIP Codes

4steRNxxxxx Get

- Gold x6328K, Gems x573, Coins x48629

HypPczxxxxx Get

- Diamonds x964, Money x64153, Resources x6981K

King Tongue Codes

List of King Tongue Codes

Gift CodesExpiration DateTotal
iLY173V59KJJuly 7, 2023775
64ax9WSRToplJuly 22, 2023362
Nf78vYVmqpJune 21, 2023290
exblP15FIywJune 11, 2023198
HGtTFI05VkEJune 19, 2023748

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The only problems I see with this game is the one ball like enemy that grows spikes when you hit it with your tongue, it is the most annoying and frustrating enemy that should get changed or removed. Ads come by somewhat often which is annoying. Other than that its an great game to play! Very "simple but hard to master", Controls well, visualy great with lots of cool animations, lots of fun bashing and throwing enemys, and gets harder as u progress. A game you will enjoy once you start playing👍

The game is really fun to play and may be a bit addictive. The characters are funny and cute too making you smile within seconds. Also there aren't too many ads which makes the gameplay very smooth. Sometimes, it may feel a little frustrating when you aren't able to maneuver it in desired direction but it also equally satisfying when you ace it with three stars.

One of the most hilarious games I've ever played, I expected it to be more like Drag 'n Boom. Boy was I wrong😂, one little request I have is to make the indicators that show where the baddies are a little more precise. Edit: now that I've beaten the game, I've got another request, if you could add some more gamemodes. Such as time attack, maybe a hide and seek mode to play with friends. And whatever else you guys can think up.

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The Bananarchy is over! Flambéed or sliced, topped with melted chocolate or just on its own, this update is a delicious dessert just like a banana!
- Performance has been improved
- Purchases gone bananas: A button has been added to the main menu to remove ads
- Everplay tool has been removed
- World #4 has been balanced

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