Just Eat Denmark is a leading online food ordering and delivery platform, offering a wide variety of cuisines from local restaurants. With user-friendly online and mobile ordering options, Just Eat Denmark provides a convenient and efficient way for customers to satisfy their food cravings. From traditional Danish dishes to international favorites, Just Eat Denmark’s extensive restaurant network ensures that customers have a diverse range of options to choose from. With a focus on customer satisfaction and quality service, Just Eat Denmark continues to be the go-to choice for convenient and reliable food delivery in Denmark.

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Just Eat Denmark Reviews

More restaurants than other providers. It was easy to find a type of cuisine to order. Everything was easy, but I couldn't pay with a credit card and had to use mobil pay in the end. *minus 1 star.

I don't understand why food delivery apps have to be the most awful to use apps in existence. Your discount site doesn't work either, it just keeps saying "is this the right phone number?", and I spent 30 min trying to sign up and log in, and then it ended up not being logged in anyway 🤦 awful awful awful experience, didnt make it better that i was hungry.

The app was functioning perfectly well before, but someone had the great idea to "improve" what wasn't broken in the slightest. The app still does what it needs to but it feels so terribly clunky that a 15 year old could have designed it. A perfect example of "don't fix it if it isn't broken". To give an idea of it all, it takes about twice as long now to order the same four items as I did on the old format.

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