JP Schoolgirl Supervisor Multi is a unique game that combines elements of a simulation and role-playing game. You play as a schoolgirl supervisor, responsible for managing a group of mischievous Japanese schoolgirls. Your goal is to maintain discipline and ensure their academic success. The game features a variety of activities, such as attending classes, participating in club activities, and even going on dates. With multiple storylines and character customization options, JP Schoolgirl Supervisor Multi offers an immersive and entertaining gameplay experience. Get ready to become the ultimate schoolgirl supervisor in this captivating game.

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I do remember playing the older versions in the past few years and I really liked the plot so I was really excited when I found out that the game was still being actively updated. Though, I did find a bug that keeps me from progressing in the game. The time that is shown in the top of the screen is constantly stuck at 7:45 AM so I can't do any tasks past the "find your handcuff keys" because some of the NPCs that I need to talk too aren't visible or available until the first class period.

Cons: This game was difficult for me to understand when I first started playing and I think it was because the "tutorials" aren't specific enough and the controls aren't really explained. (ex: I didn't know how to hit another player in multiplayer mode until I asked someone.) It also has too many ads, they tend to randomly pop up and take me out of the mode that I'm in. Pros: Overall it has an interesting and addicting gameplay. I love how there are many customization options. 5/10

I love this game!! also if you want to get in building G in the starting scene there is a loyalty button and you have click it 10 or more times.(you might have to wait two hours or so to click it again.) i was able to collect 10 but it still didn't work so i clicked it again and gained 11 points. and the guards let me in. i hope this was helpful. and overall I love how the story is progressing so far. overall great concept. hope you keep updating.

The game has a lot of potential, however I agree with others requesting updates to the actual storyline. It seems there is plenty of development for outfits and other aesthetics; leaving quests unable to be completed and the plot undeveloped. I truly hope more quests will become available in the next update, otherwise I will be uninstalling the game, which is a shame as I was enthralled with the game thus far. Multiplayer mode really does nothing for me as it just seems to serve as a chat room.

This is an okay game, but I enjoyed the originals much more. Its a shame to see them stop development and move on to this one, but alas. This game is very very buggy, area's that require keys can just be walked through at the wall seams, and other characters increase lag tremendously, much unlike the original. Along with that, it seems there's way less conversation options that used to be present in the original game. The new map is nice, however.

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