Jewels of Rome is a puzzle game in the popular match-3 genre with elements of a building simulator. The game takes you back to the time of the ancient Roman state.

You are faced with a difficult task – to revive a small settlement that has fallen into decay in a remote province. Successfully complete puzzle levels, earn coins, buy the necessary resources and rebuild the city. In addition to building and solving puzzles, you can follow the development of the plot and get to know charismatic and interesting characters. The game received an exciting gameplay, an interesting plot that introduces the culture and history of Ancient Rome, and colorful graphics.

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jh6Vt4xxxxx Get

- Gold x7869K, Gems x724, Coins x47862

0ifsRtxxxxx Get

- Diamonds x712, Money x92764, Resources x9768K

Jewels of Rome: Gems Puzzle Codes

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Gift CodesExpiration DateTotal
6QotIcGS0lrJuly 21, 2023506
48siCMmXIL1PJuly 3, 2023376
SBuGsvhtk6May 28, 2023864
4M8EbaezL7kJune 9, 2023895
6xRkOaKQejUJune 6, 2023779

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Guess my old review got deleted? I love how each building has its own puzzles to explore, so if you're stuck on one you can do others. I love how the buildings and the town improve & grow as you complete puzzles. I enjoy the overarching storyline and all the individual stories. It's a great game! (I've been playing on & off for several years, now.)

Beyond annoying! Too much useless "chatter" and too many ridiculous forced tutorials. I had to play 4 levels before I was able to access settings to turn off the music and sounds. Y'all seem to think you've created something special and complicated. It is not. It's just another match three and tutorials should be optional. Giving it a couple more days, but it will probably be uninstalled.

Updated: Love it. There's no time limit so I can play and watch TV without worrying about time restrictions.This game is ADDICTIVE. I've enjoyed the updates over the past year and the additional monsters added. I don't follow the storyline. I have no idea what it is about but it does have a story if you like that. I play to keep my brain active and it is fun. If you take your time and strategically plan your moves by looking ahead it will aid in finishing each goal with fewer moves. Great game!

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Build Сity by Matching Gems & Jewels! Match 3 adventure: Town Renovation Puzzle This update makes improvements to the previous update featuring:
👛NEW LOCATION: Cabrera opens a boarium livestock market. A dealer named Gaius Phoebus supplied the cows, but now a certain Mercutius claims they're his. Can you find the truth?
🐮SACRED COW EVENT: Enjoy 60+ quests and 10 collections. Earn Mercury's Box, Apollo's Box and Maia's Chest.
🍰NEW BUILDING: Help Rosalinda restore the Pastry Shop!
🤝HERALD FEATURE: Now you'll be the first to know about upcoming events!

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