iSurvivor: Epic Shoot ‘Em Up is an adrenaline-pumping mobile game that pits players against wave after wave of relentless enemies. With stunning graphics and intuitive controls, players will dive into a fast-paced, action-packed world and utilize powerful weapons to conquer their foes. As they progress through different levels and challenges, players must strategize and adapt to survive. With a variety of power-ups and upgrades available, they can fine-tune their gameplay and take on increasingly formidable adversaries. iSurvivor promises non-stop excitement and thrilling battles, making it a must-play for fans of intense shooters.

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- "Congrats! +500 bullets, +300 coins, and a powerful shield."

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- "4 mystery gifts await you: 100 coins, 50 ammo, 2 lives."

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iSurvivor: Epic Shoot ‘Em Up

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D73SIBQYMarch 19, 2024
QRDMSJ34WGMarch 30, 2024
9U38PEWNIMarch 24, 2024
0U3PEALV6NBMarch 30, 2024
87OAJ1HPZBMarch 19, 2024
T7ZEROY8April 8, 2024
UD0EXPY9N2April 8, 2024
2BIZGNO9CApril 3, 2024

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  • Step 1: Click on 'Avatar' => 'Settings' => 'Promo Code'.
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iSurvivor: Epic Shoot ‘Em Up Review

It has some potential but not quite cooked enough. Its a decent enough take on the genre but has a few annoying issues; - upgrade mechanics are interesting, but at times can be annoying. When you hoover up xp it give you them 1 by 1 so its stop start which is jarringly annoying. Especially after maxing when there is only 1 option, give us an auto pick! Honestly, this alone was enough to put me off. - crashes A LOT (Lenovo TB-J616F) Will be watching updates :)

Incredible IO Survivor style game. Pros: Easy + Simple + Cheap Progression + Diverse Heroes + Diverse Skills + Cheap Deals (RLC) + Cheap Heroes + Cheap "No Ads" + Double everything when using "No Ads" Cons: -Some characters are useless / bad. -Too much on the screen at the same time. -No Season Pass (yet?) -Remove "enemies explode" from level 3. -Needs more Gamemodes / Extras. Overall, very good and fun game, considering buying the No Ads, cheap sales (heroes), easy gameplay. Keep it up boys!

Low rating comes from the ads that automatically open their Google Play page when the ad ends. I don't mind ads but flip off to that. Other than that it's a good game that I'd give 4* easily

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