Impossible Draw: Color Puzzle is a captivating game that challenges your creative skills and problem-solving abilities. The objective is simple: fill in the drawing using the given colors, but beware of the limitations. Each color can only be used in certain sections, requiring you to think strategically and plan your moves carefully. With over 300 unique levels, each with its own difficulty, this game will keep you entertained for hours. Unleash your inner artist and conquer the impossible! Download Impossible Draw: Color Puzzle today and let the coloring madness begin!

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- 100 gold, 50 gems, 10 diamonds, 5 rubies, 2 equipment, 200 money, 20 resources, 3 items, 15 equipment, 5 diamonds.

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- 100 gold, 50 gems, $200, 10 diamonds, 200 resources, legendary equipment, 3 rare items.

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VW4XPntY626November 11, 2023
2k6Dl4BaAf620October 24, 2023
hN5JH2LYX639October 25, 2023
xE3LS6u5QRB366November 2, 2023
NSb2vytBJZ460October 31, 2023

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I love the look of the game, and the game play itself. And it works great. I just wish I can make a one time payment to buy the game, rather than it hitting my account with lots of $.99 and $3.99 charges, anytime I wish to continue playing. I restart it so often, it's becoming expensive, and I have likely payed already whatever the full price of this might be if I could just make a one time payment. Is so sad that there is far too many apps created, even good apps like this one, that make you keep paying to replay. Or makes you view add videos between levels and restarts. O.o So I near never download or buy any apps on Google Play. Steam games for the PC is best. I buy the game, and can play it as much as I want. Without having to keep paying for replays. Or have to view adds.

"You are my... Friend." Overall, this game is excellent. It's surprisingly fun and addicting for being a seemingly simple shape-matching game. There's also a story, which is something lacking in a lot of mobile games, it gives you a reason to play just to see if you can complete all of the objectives. My only issue is sometimes the shape drawn (even if seemingly a very close match) doesn't count, but it's only happened a few times as far as I can tell. Overall; 10/10 would play again!

Awesome graphics, music and sounds. Original conceptually and very stimulating, Impossible Draw is one of the most entertaining apps available on the Play Store. Accuracy could be adjusted and I would not mind a little more diversity of shapes, but overall worth trying if you're bored with all the same old match 3 games and the like.

Hurts to change my rating, but I have to. Used to love playing this game as a kid but now I literally can't play. The game starts the tutorial but when I miss it closes and goes back to the start of tutorials. Also when I installed it had different icon and name, the background was grey instead of pink and the name was Cyber Swiper. Please fix this, I would love to play this game again.

I played this game years ago and just this week found it again, and I have to say, while it's still a good game, the fact that the game OFFERS me to buy unlimited corruption mode, but then traps me in the "Please wait" screen of doom when I try to buy just that, is INFURIATING. I'm willing to spend money, I paid to remove ads (btw, the ads are excessive), but you won't allow me to support you the way I want to.

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Draw a path through a colorful helix labyrinth of 3D shapes & symbols. - Performance tweaks
- Minor bug fixes

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