Discover the world of IHG Hotels & Rewards, where luxury meets affordability. With over 5,900 destinations worldwide, IHG offers diverse experiences for every traveler. From the lavish InterContinental hotels to the cozy Holiday Inn Express, there’s a perfect stay for everyone. As an IHG Rewards member, unlock exclusive perks such as complimentary room upgrades, bonus points, and more. Whether you’re exploring exotic locales or staying close to home, IHG ensures a seamless and rewarding experience. Join IHG Hotels & Rewards today and start earning points towards your next unforgettable getaway.

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- 1. Free night at any IHG hotel 2. Upgrade to a suite on your next stay 3. 20% discount on spa services during your stay

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CODEExpiration Date
YWTAV2IUFebruary 25, 2024
62BQTV9S4DFebruary 29, 2024
2BI1V57DTMarch 8, 2024
471KN3XR2LSMarch 17, 2024
0I31PL68VEMarch 19, 2024
3AYGK59WApril 7, 2024
53ZXLIUARYFebruary 22, 2024
98A03VLUZFebruary 17, 2024

How to Redeem Code?

  • Step 1: Click on 'Avatar' => 'Settings' => 'Promo Code'.
  • Step 2: Enter the code in the gift code box and press 'Confirm' to receive the reward.

IHG Hotels & Rewards Reviews

Generally, a great app experience, BUT, as a stay preference setting, they really need to add the option to ask for NO adjoining room. Trying to sleep during the day because I drive thru the night for work is nearly impossible when you can hear a very loud TV under the door. If I can't sleep here, I'll sleep driving, and people will die. Add that option, and I'll give you 5 stars.

Latest version pushes marting notifications on a regular basis but does not provide a switch to turn it off. Of course I can suppress for the app. I guess I thought I might get a useful notification, but that may not be a feature. Honestly not sure what purpose this app serves: No check-in, digital key, and other useful features. Make reservations? So what. Faster on the browser when booking flights and cars. Lame

Can you please fix the map view when searching for a hotel. The hotel's banner blocks the full view of the map. I use it to see restaurants and stores around, to choose the best hotel for me. And what's the point of having the app if you don't advertise ALL the promotion offers. I had offers from my email, that don't show on my app and that causes you to miss out or start late. I would think the purpose of the app would be to have access to ALL IHG benefits.

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