Welcome to Idle Snake World: Hunting Fight! In this thrilling game, you will become a fearless snake hunter. Explore various exotic locations and test your hunting skills against dangerous snakes of all sizes. Customize your character with trendy outfits and powerful weapons to enhance your hunting experience. Earn coins by eliminating snakes and use them to unlock new hunting grounds and upgrade your gear. Can you conquer the Snake World and become the ultimate snake hunter? Play Idle Snake World: Hunting Fight now and find out!

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The Road, Buildings and half the Snake has disappeared as my son leveled up the size to 4000+ - this took him a lot of time and now the game is unplayable, and also lags. Can you look into asap? Thank you.

Fun little game.. worked as intended.. a bit of lag that restarts didn't help.. and there's nothing after you reach skyscrapers.. nothing significant to show your snake has grown besides suddenly being and to eat bigger stuff and stuff gradually getting smaller... Control sensitivity needs to be turned WAY down.. going left or right shoots you off the screen and is hard to control... Fun time killer tho

At size 600 since update it is now possible to get stuck on the left side of the map. Same damn building as the one that was causing lag too... xD There's also another building on that side which gives 0g when you eat it. Makes me think there's still something with those buildings not getting initialized correctly. Good improvement, tho.

Game not bad but there is a lot of ads but when you use it way too much like giving you more money if your watching ad it will not load at all wotch tjat need to be fix

This game is good but if HD graphics was their it will insane and infinity map like idle shark world that's why I am giving it 3 stars

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Grow from a hungry worm into a monster snake in the tap evolution simulator game

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