In Idle Cooking Tycoon – Tap Chef, codes are special combinations of letters and numbers that players can enter to receive various rewards such as coins, gems, or boosts to help progress in the game faster. These codes are often given out by the game developers through social media channels, events, or promotions. Players can redeem these codes by accessing the settings menu in the game and entering the code in the designated field. Keeping an eye out for new codes and redeeming them promptly can give players an edge in their culinary journey to becoming a top chef.

New valid Idle Cooking Tycoon – Tap Chef Code

Code is hidden Get

- Congrats! 100 gold coins, 50 gems, 25 boosters added! Enjoy!

Code is hidden Get

- Receive 50 diamonds, 20 ingredients, 10 coins, and 5 boosts!

Secret rewards Get

Idle Cooking Tycoon – Tap Chef

List of Idle Cooking Tycoon – Tap Chef Codes

X86PKAVUOJ7W Items x5867, Coins x156, Iron x9168 (Expires on July 3, 2024)
3PY6BXI5KSQ Gems x56348, Iron x3971, Free Boosts x39482, Food x75316 (Expires on August 17, 2024)
GJ0M9YZD Rubies x52146, VIP Points x5879, Gems x34259 (Expires on July 5, 2024)
ROESN9LATFXH Items x164, Timber x32, Food x58476 (Expires on August 8, 2024)
W7Q6DESX Diamonds x534, Gold x826 (Expires on August 5, 2024)
HLX31V26M Wood x91, Food x857 (Expires on July 2, 2024)
T3CHBJ5X8 Speed Up x429, Free Boosts x52 (Expires on July 20, 2024)
FAN8SQXWL5 Hero EXP x1982, Summon Scrolls x51, Stone x5973 (Expires on July 10, 2024)
UX0G6K4T2R Stone x7896, Food x86, Hero EXP x9246 (Expires on July 23, 2024)
SW62DBJ3GU8 Iron x75, Gems x76824, Resources x89215 (Expires on June 26, 2024)

How to redeem Idle Cooking Tycoon – Tap Chef codes?

In Idle Cooking Tycoon - Tap Chef, go to settings, enter the code in the redeem section, and claim rewards like cash, boosts, or special items in-game.

Idle Cooking Tycoon – Tap Chef Codes review

Edit: While my original review still stands. It is annoying to just get a black screen for an ad, thus making it impossible to watch and redeem rewards. There are also points where you cant even click the exit option on an ad even after watching. "Don't take the game too seriously. It's a fun time killer with some purchase options to speed things up. Plug your charger in while you're at work and just let the game run while you check in on it periodically."

Advanced pretty far in the game. Completed all tasks. I get to the achievements list, reached the achievement goal but I am unable to claim the prize. It's not just 1 level but all levels. Please, release the purchase where I can claim bonus without watching the ads. That's the 1 upgrade I would not mind paying for.

Best graphics forthis simple tycoon game. Fun controls. Nice gameplay mehanics. The only setback I have: why does it have to be a tycoon game if it needs to be played ONLINE? If my Internet connection is not turned on, a message will appear: "It appears you don't have Internet connection..." The message keeps popping up until you reactivate the Internet connection. Was this intentional, or is it something that's yet to be fixed? I do appreciate your response. Thanks...

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