Idle Beauty Salon Tycoon is an addictive simulation game where you can become the ultimate beauty salon tycoon. In this game, you start with a small salon and work your way up to owning a chain of luxurious beauty establishments. Hire professional staff, upgrade your equipment, and provide top-notch services to attract more customers and increase your profits. Use your management skills to expand your empire, unlock exciting new features, and become the most successful beauty salon tycoon in the world. Get ready to immerse yourself in the glamorous world of beauty!

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fKXyE2xn781December 13, 2023
FNVl385R9W106December 29, 2023
4M87pSBWY821January 4, 2024
p0WS7NcqI1F198December 16, 2023
chCP9T58Db643December 1, 2023

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Idle Beauty Salon Tycoon Tier List

This is a really great game. I am now addicted to it. But there are some flaws, it have a lot of ads and everything is very expensive after a while of upgrading and playing. So if you can rectify that. It will be a perfect game. But despite that it is a great game. Great graphics no glitches and i really appreciate the extra money earned when offline. Thanks bye. Have a great day and A+ your exams

The best tycoon game that i played! I started playing like 1 week and i already done the game! Also the graphics are so cute! Sometimes the updates of services cost so much but it's worth it. And i hope the next update comes fast cause this game is so much fun!! Also there's no ads expect for boosts, that's a really good feature! The things i hate: The vip costumers sometimes offer gross things. And tatoo, stylist, gym, spa and plastic takes so much time. Without the things i hate, it's amazing!

I've really enjoyed this game so far, the art is fun and cute and I love the customization options. I do feel like it could improved, my issues with the game: 1. when you upgrade a hairstyle the newest one obtained is the only one customers get from than on. They should get a variety from what's been unlocked and more of the services should be visible on customers. 2. I get he's being discussed a lot because of the met gala but Karl Lagerfeld was a really problematic dude, maybe dont use him?

This game is very slow and hard to upgrade the further you got through the game the more insane the prices get. Causing you to have to wait days to upgrade a couple of items. Even though it had no adds they would give you options to get a speed up or coins and all you needed was to watch an add but the further on you get the more you need to get speed ups and coins because the game isn't going anywhere.

Great game! However, there is no link account/restore purchase option and I'm afraid I won't be able to retrieve the data once I change my device. I already spent real money in this. Also, it says I only purchased 24/25 hairstyles even though there is nothing to purchase anymore. Maybe it's a bug. I will change to 5 starts once these issues are adressed.

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Create business empire from scratch and become a Salon Tycoon in this idle game

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