In Idle Airport Tycoon – Planes, you play as the owner of a bustling airport, tasked with managing and expanding your business. Buy and upgrade planes, build new terminals, and attract more passengers to increase your profits. Earn money even when you’re not playing, as the game continues offline. Make strategic decisions to optimize your airport’s efficiency and keep your customers satisfied. With stunning graphics and addictive gameplay, Idle Airport Tycoon – Planes is a must-play game for aviation enthusiasts and tycoon lovers.

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- 2,000,000 gold, 500 gems, 100 diamonds, 50 rubies, 10,000 money, 5 resources, and 2 powerful pieces of equipment.

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- 100 gold, 50 gems, $5000, 10 diamonds, 2000 resources, powerful equipment, rare items.

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1K8bJxaP485September 29, 2023
vQksKSWpJf168November 11, 2023
lQpB1czST711October 2, 2023
WaTYHzoj9hf567October 23, 2023
ilq2cbGBg1552October 18, 2023

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  • Step 1: Click on 'Avatar' => 'Settings' => 'Promo Code'.
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Idle Airport Tycoon – Planes Tier List

I love this game! You don't have to pay to win. even the boosters can be bought with gems you get in-game. The many different levels, being able to prestige without too many restrictions, and so many different elements to upgrade to increase profitability makes for interesting game play. At this time, I have to uninstall because, the game simply won't load. Restarting my phone, clearing cache, and re-installing hasn't fixed the problem. But my progress is saved until I can play again.

In all honesty the ad I saw for this app was completely different than what I saw when I downloaded this. It made it look like all the other Idle games by this developer. But its actually really messy and kind of confusing. I just wish it actually represented what it showed in the ads. Upgrading is also disorganized so it just doesnt keep interest.

So far so good. Getting a bit expensive as the game progresses which slows you down but the game wouldn't last long if it didn't. Lots of ads for some great prizes,this seems to get you closer to your targets rather than just tapping or waiting. Don't bother tapping the black birds, just go for by the gold ones. Not giving up just yet but its killing time for me so i may just keep it to what it looks like when complete. Definitely not a 5* game but that's just my opinion

Game plat is slow and steady which is fine... but the Ads are waaaay too long. They should be a maximum of 30 seconds fully... i know they are a slight ncessary evil but as I say, way too long. The controls are easy to use except some are over phone screen controls at the lower part of screen. The music is easily muted so that is a MAJOR thank you to the team. And I am still playing happily for this year. You don't need to pay real money for enjoyment..... VERY HAPPY about that.

Great game, feel like I'm making progress the only problem is now I get an advert everytime I close the buying menu rather than choosing to watch them for a benefit. Functionality and visually is great. Upgrade actually change the appearance of objects. Daily reward which gets better until you reach the month mark. All in all its a must play for fans of the devs or similar games.

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Create a high-flying empire, and get rich! Buy planes, and improve your airport Minor bug fixes, and performance improvements

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