Ice Scream 6 Friends: Charlie introduces a new character to the popular horror game series. Meet Charlie, a brave and resourceful friend of Mike who joins the mission to save their kidnapped friend. Armed with a quick wit and sharp instincts, Charlie brings a fresh perspective to the team. Will his knowledge of the mysterious ice cream man’s tricks and traps be enough to outsmart him and rescue their friend? Join Charlie and the gang in this chilling adventure to uncover the secrets of Ice Scream 6.

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I love these games, however the only problem is, when putting the ice cream scoops in the cone in the worker room, it freezes. EVERY SINGLE TIME. It makes it impossible for me to pass this one and is very annoying. This isn't even the first review about this bug. Please please please fix it!!! I will change it to a 5 star when bug if fixed! Edit: Finally beat it. It just sucks because I had to beat it in easy mode because that's when the machine worked.

Good game. Only problem is there are a lot of bugs One Bug: You are not able to interact with Mike unless u use the "Craft the lockpick" option in Puzzles section in hints

Really fun, I loved the puzzles and I like that if you dont like a puzzle like the mask minigsme you can just skip it with an ad

I was playing the game suddenly while I became j and rod caught me and there was glitch when I was trapped.after so much effort this is the result . please fix the bug a soon as possible

(edit) I found some bugs. When I collect 3 items to give it to Mike there's no interact button again. And also when I was play the mini game to get the newspaper piece, sometimes it could be freeze and then the screen goes black but the sound of game is still playing. I just watch the ads to complete that puzzle. And I try to restart the game to finish that mini game but it's the same again. Can you fix that bugs?

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Charlie explores the kitchen to join his friends - Minor bug fixes

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