Ice Age Village is a popular mobile game based on the animated movie franchise. In the game, players can build their own prehistoric village and interact with lovable characters like Manny, Sid, and Diego. The goal is to expand the village by completing quests, collecting resources, and unlocking new buildings. Players can also decorate their village with various Ice Age-themed items and compete with friends in mini-games. The game’s colorful graphics, charming characters, and addictive gameplay make it a hit among both Ice Age fans and casual gamers.

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Absolutely love the game! Plenty of options, very relaxing, wonderful graphics, but... the misclicks😭😭 they're pretty frequent. You can't really accidentally touch anything without the game registering it immediately. I've accidentally bought so many flowers and animals and things like that. It's not a super big deal, you just have to be really cautious when you're scrolling and stuff like that.

I love this game and the idea of it. I played it many years ago and recently found it again. However I'm giving it 1 star because the ads were shutting down the app. I would exit out of the ads and it would say website not found written over my village and would freeze it until I restarted the app. It's very bugged and I'm super disappointed in this because I was getting pretty far but the ads are every other minute or so and it's not worth the playtime I've already put into it.

Terrible! More frustrating than enjoyable. EVERYTHING has an ad after it. Complete a task, level up, each cones with an ad. If you click in the game and an ad happens to pop up at the same time it locks the game up and you have to restart. Happened to me 5 times already. So disappointing since I love Ice agen and thought this would be a good game to play with the wife. Bad choice.

I love the game, it's fun and addicting. But I have a problem. The Kun Fu mini game isn't functioning properly for me. Come the end of the session when its spinning for my prize since I've played it wont work. It spins but lands on one prize over and over and over again, nothing else. Since I've had the game that's my main concern. Love the game, but would like to know if that could be fixed? Thanks.

Playing after so many years, definitely observed some changes. Great till now. But still needs some work : (1) It keeps lagging in between. (2) Sometimes, the " i " button at bottom right of any item or animal doesn't work and have to click numerous times in order to see more details. (3) Graphics needs to be more clear, its kind of pixeld.

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Discover what's above and beneath the ice in ICE AGE VILLAGE Various bug fixes and improvements.

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