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How to redeem iBOOD.com codes?

To redeem a coupon on iBOOD.com, enter the code at checkout. Check for any restrictions or expiration dates before applying the code to enjoy discounts on your purchase.

iBOOD.com Coupon reviews

Stay well clear of iBood! Overpriced these days. They used to have great deals a few years ago of up to 50% off. Now it claims to be 50% off but a quick search often proves it's barely cheaper than a normal web store after taking the shipping cost into consideration. Also very slow to ship on many occasions and then very slow to respond to cancellations. I've been shipped cancelled orders a few times weeks after I cancelled them. Guess who ended up paying for return shipping?

The app is well designed and the flow seems logical. But for certain categories like clothes or shoes the lack of filters (sizes, brand) forces you to look at everything and honestly I do not have the time to open every time item and check. So I do not..

The update is a step in the right direction, but the scroll performance has become laggy to the point where I don't want to browse anymore. It's like 5 frames per second, and this is the only app my phone has this issue with.

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